Oh boy.....now I know what you're thinking


And yes you're correct, I personally wanted to do this Pig's List so next time it will be the dumbest reasons to hate a character. Now this is most likely going to be a huge rant so expect a lot of swears, insults, and me being pissed off. 

Now there will be 2 Easter Eggs this time and if you ship any of these pairings and are offended please contact me via talk page and I will apologize. Also these pairings cannot include minor characters for example Andre, any of the russains besides Arvo, Winston, etc. Now you may be wondering why? Well while people may love side characters (and I mean love them more then the main cast or really any character that does stuff. It's like having Andre the cop as one of your favs, makes no sense.) they're not really a lot of shippings between/including minor characters.

10. Cluke - Luke x Clem

AMTR Luke Evening
NGB Clem Outside Wellington
Cluke is most likely the most disturbing fan pairing out there. Many believe that this pairing is simply Lexi Porter's (not the easter egg) way of trolling, when in fact it's not. Cluke is actually a fan shipping that people do not troll with, people ACTUALLY ship this pairing! Why? Who knows. I mean we got a fucking 11 year old girl and a 20 something year old man having a romantic relationship. Hmmm nothing wrong here! Fucking sick basterds.

9. Cick - Rick x Carl

Yes people you are seeing it here. Not only is this a pedophile relationship it's also incest! According to Katie (Not to easter egg) this pairing is quite popular in the...smut department. If you don't know what smut is, I'll let google help you out. But holy shit this pairing is messed up in the god damn head! Only sick basterds would like this pairing! Now I do not know if it's both Comic and TV Rick or if it's one or the other but all we need to know is it's a sick awful pairing.

8. Bethyl - Daryl x Beth

Season three beth greene
Daryl S5 Crop
ugh....Bethyl. Daryl Dixon does not need a god damn LOVE INTEREST! And if he DOES get one it shouldn't be fucking BETH! A Tough, badass redneck who does unrealistic shit and a "sweet, innocent young girl who sings" have NOTHING in common. These two have barely any dialogue to each other (outside those three episodes). Well at least this pairing doesn't have a stupid fan pairing name like "Lee Dixon" (Lee and Daryl) or Vince Becca (Vince and Becca) Overall this pairing fucking sucks. 

7. Raggie - Rick x Maggie

S5 Rick Outside
Season four maggie greene
NO! Seriously, how many lines has Rick and Maggie had together???? My guess it's under 14. This pairing comes out of nowhere and people actually support it. Seriously, people say "Hey if Glenn dies, Rick gonna hook up with Maggie." Like seriously??? That's not going to fucking happen. I mentioned how many times these two talked to each other, but how many times have these two interacted? Not including fighting walkers or the Gov. Like I don't know less then 8 times? I hate this pairing and it makes no damn sense.

6. Carltine - Carl x Clem

NGB Clem Outside Wellington
250px-Carl S4
I....yes people ship this....might as well have Obi-Wan Kenobi and Iron Man having a sexual relationship while we're at it. My point is it's a pairing across continuities.

Source that it exists: Proof

5. Anegan - Andrea x Negan

This stupid pairing....These two HATE each other's guts. This guy fucking killed and caused the deaths of many of Andrea's friends so how the fuck would they get together??? Ones a complete psychopath and the other is a sexy badass second in command. How the hell do they go together???? Yes people do ship this pairing, I have no idea how or why they ship it but whatever.

4. Carth - Beth x Carl

Season three beth greene
250px-Carl S4
Now I get this one. Yes Carl has/had a crush on Beth but here is the thing people ship these two as if they actually were a couple and making out, etc. Now I know what you're thinking. "Pig, what's wrong with that?" I'll tell you.....it's pedophilia. Beth is 18 and Carl is 14. 18 is legally an adult so therefor Beth would be a fucking Pedo.... A singing female pedo bear.

3. Hershlenn - Hershel x Glenn

S2 Hershel Cropped
Season five glenn rhee
Alright....so apparently this exists....why? I have no fucking idea. So according to my source this exists AKA Katie (Not the easter egg) there was a story involving Hershel...Glenn...and a dog...you do the rest. I don't really even need to make a joke here do I?

2. Meth (LEL FUNNIE) - Merle x Beth

Season three beth greene

1. Kelly - Kenny x Lilly

NGB Kenny Wellington Arrival
SFH Lilly 12
Another pairing that makes no sense. Kelly. Kenny and Lilly hated each other's guts and most likely don't give a shit if either one of each other died, so why in the flying fuck would they be a couple? What do they have in common???? Nothing! This shouldn't even be a fucking pairing! THIS SHOULDN'T EXIST.

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Thanks for reading! See you next time! Original Link: http://vampirediaries.wikia.com/wiki/File:Jack-black-kick-baxter-anchorman.gif