First off, I'M SO SORRY. I've been busy with school and an upcoming project (more on that later) and not to mention I've been busy planning The Undead Empire

So currently I don't have the amount of time to make this worst antagonist pig's list (It's gonna b big) So no promises when it will be up. In the mean time I present you this short and sweet (still over 300 words) Pig's Lists about tiny nitpicks I have with fellow TWD fans. I hope this does not offend you and if it does I apologize in advanced.

oh yeah and find the easter egg and comment your thoughts below


NGB Randy Pissed

he dont akt like fatder so he is bad guy >:(

Apparently Adoption isn't a thing anymore is it.

4. Kenny is insane and deserved to die >:(


O_O the fuck is this

I've been seeing this everywhere on the forums and it just...ticks me off. Guys you do realize Kenny believed Jane left the baby to die or fuck eaten the baby so of course he'll go apeshit. Jane pulled the knife out before and she didn't answer Kenny when he asked what happened where's the baby. She was baiting him in order to kill him.  inb4 argument in comments ensue.

3. Andrew's Fucking Beard

Andrew Lincoln look 100414


Listen, I love Andrew. He's a great actor and I think an amazing Rick but holy fucking shit people his beard is not a religious object or the most powerful thing on earth, etc. It's....a....fucking...beard he grew because he HAD to. Sure that kills all the "In Future Seasons he'll be Chewbacca" jokes but holy shit guys this isn't the end of the world. I've seen people getting pissed off that he shaved his beard on Twitter, Facebook, Wikia, Youtube, etc. Now people are thinking Rick's gonna die. Pls.

2. Best < Favorite

Beth elevator


Alright this is something that NEEDS to be cleared up. The BEST character and your FAVORITE character are two completely different things. Now I know for a fact people will be in the comments "WELL NO THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE!" there is. Now please fellow fans don't confuse the two anymore.

BEST adjective #1.of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality. FAVORITE adjective #1.preferred before all others of the same kind.

1. Luke's Death



For some strange fucked up reason a shit ton of fans believe that Lexi Porter's "Cluke" troll tactic actually made Telltale KILL LUKE. That is utter bullshit. They would never actually kill a character because some freaky pedo fans. Now this is dying down but still people believe it. WHY? You're basically telling Lexi "Hey....your trolling worked and you'll be remembered by us." I mean come on it's juan guy!

"This Project"