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I was. Decided not to. Not to mention if I did all 6 there would be flame the biggest you've ever seen.

As a The Walking Dead Fan I most things TWD's done. However, some people make arguments about the comics, show, and video game. These are six terrible arguments made about TWD. These arguments are made by TWD fans and made for..well people to argue against idfk. Anyways here are the Three.

WARNING: THIS IS OPINION! I BELIEVE THIS ARGUMENTS ARE DUMB. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE DUMB IT IS SIMPLY MY OPINION. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED IN ANY WAY CONTACT ME ON MY TALK PAGE AND I WILL APOLOGIZE. Look for the Easter Egg btw. Also sorry for the let down if you were expecting something bigger. I've been busy lately and well like I said before huge flame wars would happen.

3. No Big Deaths in AOW? Comic sucks.

This is something I've seen a lot of. Yes while I was expecting at least ONE main death (Rick, Michonne, Negan, Dwight, etc) just because no main characters died doesn't mean it is a shitty arc. Now like I said in another blog All Out War is more like All Out Battle and was simply over hyped. Like look if one of you believes this then please tell me why in the comments because I simply have no damn idea why you'd stop reading the comics because no big main character died. Another thing people get beyond pissed off is the ending of AOW. Yes while it does suck (to a point) did we expect that ending? No. Which if we don't expect the ending shouldn't that mean it's good or at least decent? But people still don't want to read the comics anymore because a volume (at least to them sucked!) I don't get the reasoning behind any of that crap. I mean look at some examples. Take the Indiana Jones films. Temple of Doom sucked but yet right after we got Last Crusade! If you stopped watching the films after Doom you'd never get to watch such amazingness. Want another example? Here, take the Star Wars Prequels. Phantom sucked, Clones sucked but Revenge was great! You'd never see it because you stopped watching because of the shit the first two were. My point it do not stop reading something or watching something just because one volume/movie fucked up. Now if they do it like three times in a row, that's a different story.


FREEZE! Yes I stated in a blog that I think HBO would be a much better station for TWD. However thanks to the user Pops (this is not the easter egg btw) he informed me that HBO declined TWD. So it'd be impossible for TWD to be on HBO. Now people will say "Hey! HBO is the best at adaptations." Now the user that goes by CamTheWoot (again not the easter egg) expressed his opinion on this and informed me of a terrible HBO adaptation. Anyhow take a look at the HBO series "True Blood". The following is a copy and paste of the description on the True Blood Book series "Harris develops a detailed mythology and alternate history that approaches supernatural beings as real; at the beginning of the series, vampires have only been public knowledge for a couple of years. Other supernatural beings, such as werewolves, shapeshifters, etc., exist but do not go public until later in the series. Its history has otherwise unfolded so closely to that of the real world that the series contains occasional references to popular culture." That is the book series. Now from what I've seen and heard from the's porn. It's porn with a plot. Many people agree that True Blood is FAR from a good TV Adaptation. Now HBO has done Game of Thrones and from what I've heard it's good. Now here is the thing though. Is HBO the best choice? No they could say fuck and have sex but TWD could have turned out to either a Game of Thrones or True Blood. Would you risk that?

1. If ____ Dies, We Riot

Thankfully I don't see many of these arguments anymore however they still exist. Most of the time this expression is used for the character Daryl Dixon or the character Beth Greene. However it's spread onto other characters like Carol, Luke, Clem, etc. Listen people most of us know it's a damn joke (or at least we hope it is O_o) but you don't have to continue making these stupid pictures and shit about it. Are you really going to fucking to stop watching the show if Daryl dies? Are you going to stop playing the game if Clem dies? How about the Comics? You gonna stop reading them because Negan dies? If you do that's beyond fucking stupid. I loved Comic Tyreese and I still kept reading. I loved Lee and I kept playing. I loved Merle and I still kept watching. Just because your fav character dies doesn't mean you need to stop reading/playing/watching it!



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Now for all of you people asking where is Terry? He should be on the list. Well I don't give a woot about Terry. He's dead anyways.

See you guys next time and thanks for reading.