HELLO EVERYONE and welcome to another of Pig's Listst. Remember der is an easter egg hidden in here. U just gotta look. Anyways here's todays list.

Hounarble Mentions

Lori Grimes

Lori Judge, Jury, Executioner 13

Lori...u weren't that cool in the comics but in the show ur awful

"WAIT PIGPEN BUT U SAID HER DEATH WAS SAD???!!!" I did say that, however just because a death scene is sad doesn't mean the character is good. Lori Grimes in the comics was an eh character. She really did nthn much except the whole love triangle with shane, give birth and die. But Lori in the show.....this girl is just horrible. It's like she thinks she's the queen of the fucking world! Ur not! AT ALL! Even after you die you come back as a freaking ghost! Ugh u r just...horrible! Lori Grimes, you certaintly aren't winning any mother of the year awards.

Glenn (Post Killer Within)

Season four glenn rhee (2)

Rick? Nah. Daryl? Nah. Tyreese? Nah. Maggie? I ONLY CARE FOR MAGGIE AND TARA

Glenn from the Comics is a fan fav character. Many can agree he was just freaking awesome. He was funny, charming, badass, and more then likely a sex master (talk to maggie bout it idk) Anyways so I loved Glenn in S1 and S2. He was the I guess "Comic Relief" character if TWD has that. He started out good in S3 but then after the great episode Killer Within Glenn turns from Awesome to Terrible in just 1 fucking episode. To make matters worse in S4 he begins 2 become cool again but then BAM nope! Glenn is one of the many causalties of S3.



"Imma point a gun at you but not shoot, even though you just murdered about 20 people"

Say what you want but Allen from the comics is one of the most underratted characters in TWD. He's a very interesting character and had the two most pycho kids ever (well besides dos girls from the Shining). Allen is all around a good guy. When I heard that in S3 Tyreese would appear with a girl named Sasha, Allen, Donna, and Ben I was like "HOLY CRAP YES" then "HOLY CRAP NO". Allen does little to fucking NOTHING in the show. I can only think of  4 things he's done. 1. Fought with Tyreese ova Donna, 2. Join in on the Prison Assault, 3. Planned to take the prison, 4. Meeting Androfe and Milton in the woods. That's like...IT! Allen is just terrible in S3 like omfg and I also heard that he was played by a big comic fan.....shame.....



Let's take back our prison m8

Alright, now IK for a fact someone in the comments is gonna go "Tomas isn't Thomas u fgt." Well according to Robert Kirkman Tomas is the TV version of Thomas therefor you're wrong. Thomas was a TERRIBLE character in the comics for murdering kids and well.....the fucker is a child killer wat else u need? Tomas on the othe hand is just so...fucking stupid. I hate him not because he's EVIL but he's just so fucking stupid. What really bad things has he done? Well he killed Big Tiny and tried 2 kill Rick TWICE and fails both. Tomas does us a favor and just gtfo.

Carl Grimes

Season three carl grimes

Sheriff Carl in town

omg....Carl just stay in the fucking house....Carl Grimes in the show is an annoying little fuckhead who doesn't even compare to Comic Carl! Now you might ask "why does Pig hate Carl TV so much) Because he's just so fucking bland, boring and stupid....I don't blame Riggs's acting for Carl as the actor/actress is almost never 2 blame (except of course Androfe oops SPOILER ALERT) anyways, Carl in the comics is a nice kid and can rock dos shades! I only have one thing left to say about Carl. Watch out for turtles.... Anyways yea next.


Andrea Judge, Jury, Executioner 13

I really wish Andrea was in the show....

I...I don't want to....fuck it....I just...oh god....*vomits*


250px-Walking dead Ben

Wait wrong Ben? Sorry it's just that TV and VG are just so pathetic I got confused

Ugh....TV Ben......Well Comic Ben was a complete fucking pychopath child who was Carl's first ki...oh wait no that was shane. But yea Ben in the comics didn't do much at all until that one fucked up issue. TV Ben is just so....so fucking horrible. He's a suckup to his dad, an asshole, a whiny bitch and just forgetable. Serously, you know how The Talking Dead has that in memorial thing after every episode, they fucking confused him as a Zombie Extra.....A ZOMBIE EXTRA XD. This guy is just stupid....


So that's all you guys, hope to see u guys next time!

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