Hello everyone welcome back to Pig's Lists. Today we'll be listing the five most gruesome, gory, disgusting, etc, moments in The Walking Dead. Remember to pick out the Easter Egg and comment on what's the most guesome moment in your opinion. Let's begin.

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Honorable Mentions

5. Glenn's Comic Death


Holy fucking shit that's gory

Glenn from the comics was a character that half of the community likes and hates his fucking guts, but I don't think many people saw his death like this! I mean holy shit that's brutal. Look at that picture! That's just so terrible. What a way to bring in the one hundredth issue. Hell this scene makes some people hate Negan for no damn reason besides killing Glenn. 

4. That One Random Suvivor

UnnamedSurvivor (A)

It looks like his face was ripped open by a wolf made of razors

Unnamed Survivor HQ Picture

Why....why am I so focused on that walker's striped shirt

Both from the Comic and the Show, the scene where the group watches this poor guy being torn apart by zombies is pretty horrific. I mean it might be worse in the show because of well...look at it! Can you imagine the kind of pain this guy is feeling. He's slowly dying and being ripped open. The comic death is pretty terrible as well, however like I said the show one seems to be more gruesome.

3. That eye


I...oh god

Carl Grimes is one- was one of my favorite characters and it was shocking when he was shot in the eye. However when he's finally shown with his shot eye it's......not okay, it's just fucking awful. The kid's like 11 and now he has THIS! I honestly hate looking at this image. He's skin ripped on half his face and a huge empty gaping hole where his eye should be. I kinda want to see Riggs try this ou- oh wait they already did the Carl gets shot story....fuck.

2. Michonne gets raped and Gov loses his dick


Silly Michonne, that's not how 50 Shades of Grey is supposed to go

Do I....really need to say why? A girl gets violently raped everyday and well....The Governor kinda gets his eye ripped out, his arm cut off, his fingernails picked off, his DICK IS CUT OFF!!!! Holy shit Kirkman.

1. A child murder.....

Twins death

R.I.P Olsen Twins

So.....these little girls kinda get decapitated and because of the blood I'm guessing some other stuff as well. Who can we blame? Our friend Kirkman. Seriously Kirkman, from decapitated children to 2. you really got a fucked up mind. I honestly was shocked when I read the issue, I mean like DAMN that comes out of fucking nowhere.

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