yay Pig's Lists amirte?

There are numerous characters in TWD's franchise that get loved....but I really don't get that love. You know the drill and look for an easter egg cus y dafuq not.

1. Beth Greene

 Ah Beth Greene....WHY DO YOU GET LOVED??? Sorry for that random rage but I don't fucking get it! Beth Greene is S2-S3 literally does NOTHING and in S4 all she does is bitch, whine and drink. And the fact that people are literally signing petitions for Beth Greene to come back to the show is fucking crazy! Did Merle get any? How about Shane? Hershel? Nah let's go with a bitchy character who does literally nothing but talk about peace and we can be good. Fuck you Beth Greene.

P.S BETH IS DEAD! There is no way Dawn's bullet did NOT kill her.

2. Sarah

Sarah is a character that many fans either hate or don't give a shit about her...except for some people who are literally obsessed with her and i really don't get it. Sarah is a character who doesn't do much except act innocent and is Clem's "Best Friend". Is it because she got hit and we are supposed to feel bad for her? Seriously can someone answer why people love her because I really have no fucking idea.

3. Shumpert

SHUMPERT IS AMAZING! SHUMPERT IS COOL! SHUMPERT IS a character who does nothing and doesn't deserve a fanbase. There apparently is a HUGE fanbase for Shumpert. Why? Because he's the most known Woodbury soldier besides Merle and Martinez? Is it because of his hair? Is it because he used a bow & arrow? Is it because he's the only Black character to survive from the beginning of the season to the end?

4. Eugene

TV Eugene is shit. Face it. How the fuck are people supposed to think this guy was a scientist? He talks about video games and watches people have sex, no not like porn I mean like a fucking peeping tom. Eugene from the show is a terrible character and apparently he has a big fanbase. WHY???? Seriously I have no idea. Is it because he's LEL QUIRKY LEL?


I decided to make this blog because apparently there were people that were saddened by the end of Pig's Lists so I thought hey let's bring Pig's Lists back as my final blog.

Yes this is my last blog, and why is that? I simply don't have fun writing them anymore. I've had a blast writing the VS Series, WWYB, Pig's Lists, and Who did it Better? I want to thank any fans of my blogs that supported these blogs and helped me fight off the anon menace lol. This is Pigpen077 and Rest in Piece Pig's Blogs.

Still a better song than the ones in the masterblogs :P