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5. Luke

IHW Luke Loading Dock

Luke's sad :(

Okay.....Let me get one thing clear to you guys. I have not played Season 2 yet. This is going DIRECTLY off let's plays I've watched. Alright here we go. Luke is in MY OPINION a terrible character. I thought he was okay in episode 1, decent in episode 2, crap in episode 3, and well he just....he just was horrible in episode 4. For 1 reason. He freaking flips at Kenny at the ending. Kenny could easily tell that Rebecca looked pale and wanted to cary the baby to help and protect the baby. Hell he's been a dad before. Luke is all like "Kenny, kenny, look, she says nah I want to hold the baby even though I feel like I'm about to freeze to death, so don't fucking touch that god damn Infant." I could go more into detail but let's move on.

4. Daryl Dixon


"He's gay because he's the Paul Monroe of the series :D"

I don;t...*sigh* fine. Daryl Dixon began as a semi interesting character in Season 1 and slowly declined in quality till Season 3 where there was no redeeming factors about him. Yes he had a story in Season 3 but IT SUCKED. Once again MY OPINION. Daryl Dixon is nothing right now but eye candy for 14 year girls and a fucking Cashcow. Hell I'm pretty sure even Daryl fans know that. This guy even got a freaking crappy video game about him!

3. Kenn...oh god...please...*sighs* Kenny....

AmTR Kenny Told Off

This guy should get a fanbase based off him and then call it The KennyCave. But no user can really be that obsessed with a character...right?

I'm sorry....I think Kenny is overrated....keyword Think OPINION. Kenny in Season 1 was let's face it a great character but over time he...well he really has been shone too much and frankly I think he should not be the Season 3 protagonist. Kenny is just...he was so awesome up until S2eP3 where he was fucking EVERYWHERE! I'm sorry I still like him but I just think he's overrated. Please don't hate me :(

P.S I'd save him anyday compared to Luke.

2. Michonne (Comics)


"Wait? I'm still alive?"

Michonne in the comics was a complete fucking badass. She just was beyond fucking awesome but now...well she's run out of steam. The poor girl just has no story left. Not to mention but she kinda messed Morgan's story a little. Listen don't get me wrong I loved Michonne, Keyword LOVED and MY OPINION. Michonne doesn't really do much anymore at all, hell she still has a slightly above average fanbase yet she doesn't get much of anything anymore. I have no doubt she'll appear next volume but unless they give her story she's pretty much overrated.

1. Hershel Greene (TV)

Governor welcome to the tombs

I'm not Hershel...

ugh....well TV Governor is a good character. I truly think he is, but as a villain....no. He simply is overrated in the villain compartment and truly ticks me off when I see someone say "HEY TV GOV IS BETTER THEN COMIC GOV!" Once again I may add MY OPINION. The Governor from the show may have been...slightly less then decent villain up until WTTT in which he kills his entire fucking army! 

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