I MESSED UP. THE TITLE IS PIG'S DUMBEST REASONS TO THINK A CHARACTER IS BAD. NOT HATE, I APOLOGIZE FOR THE MESS UP. Sorry for the delay on this one you guys. Anyways let's get right into it. Oh yeah and try to find the easter egg.

sorry it's shorter then usual, I'm got a lot of stuff to do involving my fanfic. oh yes and SPOILERS AND MY OPINIONS

3. Because He killed someone you like

Alright now I have a feeling people are going to get pissy at tme with this one. Whatever. Anyways a lot of people hate characters for simply killing their favorites. For example, Dwight for Abraham, Negan for Glenn, and The Governor for Tyreese. I get why people may dislike a character but come on, HATING a character because he just axed you're favorite character is pretty stupid. Now I am not calling you stupid, I'm simply saying that opinion is stupid. Feel free to debate below in the comments.

2. He's the Antagonist

This is beyond the stupidest opinion of all fucking time. LEL HE'S DA BAD GUY HE IS BAD CHARACTER! Why the flying fuck do you hate a character because he does bad stuff????? As long as he's written well, acted/voiced well, he should be great! But no you got to say "Shane was bad character cus he tried to kil rik." That is beyond stupid! I get not liking a character for killing your favorite but THIS MAKES NO SENSE! Just because he's the bad guy doesn't mean he's terrible. Let's look at famous examples, the biggest (to my mind) was Darth Maul from the star wars franchise. He was a villain in the film and was killed but due to a huge fanbase based around Maul, Lucas brought him back from the grave. Just because he's the god damn bad guy doesn't mean you HAVE to hate him. Hell I've had arguments with people calling me a monster for liking Carver and Negan.

1. They did something bad

This kinda goes along with number 2. Just because a character does something you don't like doesn't mean he/she is a bad character. For example Kenny killing/trying to kill Jane made some people go "She didn't kill the baby she just faked it." pls. I still love Kenny even though he killed Jane. Merle is another good example. Just because he goes and tries to kill Michonne, calls T-Dog the N word and is an asshole to most people doesn't mean he's a bad character. The guy fucking redeems himself at the end anyways by letting Michonne go and going on a suicide mission to kill the Gov. The last example is Hershel...not TV hershel, not video game Hershel but Comic Hershel. Now...Comic Hershel is a character that many hate because he hits his kids. He does that alright...is he an asshole? No...not really, I mean all the characters can be assholes. So...just because he hits his ki- wait if I'm not mistaken he only hits his kids once and it was Billy....who's 19 and he slapped him right after (if I remember correctly) after his twin daughters were brutally murdered, so.............alright then.

Sorry this one was so short but thanks for reading


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