This is the LAST time I do this. Dumbest Antgonists will be out either Monday or Tuesday. I need more time to think about the list, plus I really wanted to do this one (thus why It's been in the poll numerous times). 

This will be a 5 list....oh yeah and here are just some info on the blog, please read it.

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  • Not in order

5. Hulk 2003 has nothing on this

Daryl vs tank

Even Call of Duty is like "That's fucking stupid". Wait I already used this caption

Already talked about this.

4. HOW????????

Beth and Daryl night snack home

Couldn't find a pic so deal with this terrible scene instead

S4's Alone was a mixed bag for me. I loved the focus on Bob and Maggie but.....Daryl and Beth. I could rant on their relationship alone but...I'll say that for another day. Now the moment that is fucking stupid is of course is Daryl escaping a GIANT FUCKING SWARM OF WALKERS! HOW THE FLYING FUCK DO  YOU DO THAT???? He doesn't get bitten and escapes CORNERED BY WALKERS. How the flying fuck??? Now some people will say "You're only saying this is dumb cus it's Daryl. If Rick did it you'd love it." Actually no, it'd still be fucking stupid. Daryl Dixon is NOT FUCKING INVINCIBLE!

3. "I miss my brother." "Really?" "Pfft. No."

Daryl michonne

Why is the file name just Daryl and Michonne. Do they not see Carol?

In the best episode of the series (This Sorrowful Life) Merle Dixon (Daryl's Brother) dies and Daryl puts him down, leaving him a crying mess. What does Daryl do in the next scene he's in? Carol mentions Merle and Daryl's like "okay". Nope, nothing. He just goes back to the unstoppable zombie killer. You'd think it'd make Daryl a wreck for a couple of days, but nope he seems fine with the fact Merle's now the lord of graves.

2. Taylor Swift

Beth and Daryl piggybackride oh so really cute

I want to vomit looking at his picture

Okay, okay.....I'm kinda cheating on this one, as this is not a scene but well...a lot of scenes. Daryl not snapping at Beth just is fucking stupid. Now yes at the end of Still he did (thank god) but the scenes prior in Still with Beth just bitching and whining are just...HORRIBLE! Daryl should have snapped earlier and put the idiot in her place. BUT NO, we have to deal with whining and whining and bitching and bitching. Thanks Daryl for not shutting her up sooner. Sorry for cheating on the list ;(

1. You are not a fucking Superhero

SI Daryl and Merle 2

"I'm saving the damn day!"

ugh......Daryl why. Daryl Dixon is the protagonist of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct and his lines are just fucking terrible. Again kinda cheating but serously how can someone take this joke serously when he's saying shit like that?

See you guys later. No Gif today ;(