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Find the Easter Egg, Enjoy the Blog, Comment, and vote.

We will begin from Worst to Best and each of Telltale's Seasons will count as a different game.


7. The Walking Dead: Deluxe TV Games

Logo tv game

No words can describe this


lel no.  

6. The Walking Dead: Social Game


pls, I'd rather have a pack of ghost wolves eating me then play this

A...a Facebook app about The Walking Dead.

What. Could. Possibly. Go. Wrong?

Everything, literally almost everything is wrong with this game. The game feels like it's not even fucking done yet. The weapons are all horsecrap and the fact that this game decides to make itself a "Facebook TWD RPG" is a terrible Idea. Now a TWD RPG is a great idea but add facebook to it and you're gonna have a bad time. The TV Characters you can control all act the same with slightly different health and different weapons. It adds nothing to the storyline of the show (Please don't let this game be in the same continuity as the show...please). It's just so god damn stupid! While Survival Instinct is playable, this game....barely is!     

5. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

The walking dead survival instinct-22504315-frntl

See Merle there? That's one of his 3 appearances in the game

What did you really expect? While I'm a huge FPS nut, even I could see this was doomed to fail. I mean look at this trailer!

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Gameplay Trailer 101:07

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Gameplay Trailer 1

Really? That's fucking shit. Now why was it that this game was doomed to fail from the start? Well it's focused ONLY on Daryl Dixon (AMC's cashcow) and almost NEVER on Merle Dixon (Micheal fucking Rooker). This game focuses too much on Squirrel Collectibles, Side Missions that do shit, characters that do shit, the worst ending to a video game I've ever seen and not to mention for almost half of the entire FUCKING GAME! You are just hopping on cars and getting easy kills! I will give this game credit however do to the Herd Mode and the whole supply system (Bullets, Gatorade, Bottles, Flares, Grenades, etc). Going back to the reasons why it failed again, the game should have had TWO PLAYERS! It advertised itself as "Two Brothers" THEN LET US PLAY AS THE TWO FUCKING BROTHERS!

4. The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning

TWD Dead Reckoning

Ah, good old comic style ga- wait...is this even considered a game?

No joke, I just played this game. Just to make this blog and wow...this game is literally barely a game at all. It's more movie then gam-. Wait no, this isn't at all a game, there is no gameplay. Just choices and comic stills. So what's the story? Shane, some other cops that we don't care about, some girl and a criminal are in a police station. That's it. The choices in this game, I will say, while don't matter in the long run, are interesting and make this ga- movie repla- rewatchable. The only reason it's number 4 is because it's not as bad as Survival Instinct, TV Game, and Social Game.

3. The Walking Dead: Assault

The Walking Dead Assault Logo

The best game to play on the crapper

Finally...good games. The Walking Dead: Assault is a great, lost gem that deserves to be updated. The game is basiclly, choice your characters, kill all the zombies, upgrade your characters, and beat levels. The game is while fun, most levels (at least for me) are kinda....easy. The characters in this game are Rick, Lori, Carol, Shane, Carl, Dale, Andrea, Glenn, Michonne (Through Purchase), and Sohpia. Fucking SOPHIA! The only big thing that pisses me off about this game is the fact that they haven't updated the game! They said there would be three chapters. We only have one chapter. It's been confirmed that in Chapter 2 (The Prison) will contain the characters The Governor and Tyreese as playable characters. Not to mention Axel might be playable as well! Please...please update this game.

2. and 1. The Walking Dead: Telltale Games

Season 2 cover case

"I shouldn't have sold the axe for this hammer."

Image Season 1

"Clem, remember. When in doubt use the axe of justice!"


jk. I have to choice...so here we go...this is sure to piss people off but....

Season 1 is number 1.

Yes while Season 2 has the best episode of all and great characters such as Pete, Nick, Carver, Alvin, etc. Telltale wastes them and only gives a shit about Clem, Kenny, Luke, and Jane. While Season 1 on the other hand has overall the better episodes, the better main cast, and the better villia-. Okay Carver beats The Stranger and St. Johns. I just know there will be flames in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed. Vote for next time!


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