So the third in the Best to Worst mini series. YAY. Anyways here are some groundrules for this list.

  • Luke will not be included cus Cam is scurry :( (Cam is not the easter egg)
  • AJ will not be included because he wasn't born yet
  • Clem will also not be included because she was not an original member

Oh and check for the easter egg.

6. Sarah

AmTR Sarah Under Debris

Sarah is quite possibly the most wasted child character in TWD. Sarah could have been an interesting character and we could actually give a shit about her...but Telltale decides "Hey, let's waste her." Her first death is fine (Choosing her to leave her behind) a little harsh but not as bad as Duck's death. But her second death just....felt forced. Like Telltale couldn't think of anything to do with Sarah. The girl could have had a suicide story in S3 or something, but no instead we got this. yay....

5. Rebecca

AMTR Rebecca Parkers Run 2

Rebecca started out as a character many of us hated/disliked because "LEL MEAN TO CLEM" but after a while she became (at least for me) a good character. I didn't find her the strongest of the S2 introductions but she without a doubt was not a bad character. She was well written, her relationship will Alvin was great and her death was pretty original. Here's the thing, yes she died of blood loss but I'm pretty sure that freezing to death played a part in it.

4. Carlos

IHW Carlos Pained

Carlos is a character that a lot of people loved (me included). For some reason some of my favorite characters in any franchise are most of the time the leaders. idk why, but Carlos is no exception. Carlos is a cool character with great lines, a great personality and great scenes. However I will not deny that his death was fucking SO UNNECESSARY! Carlos could have had Bonnie's death or something, my point is Carlos is a great character but not as good as 4, 3, 2 and 1.

3. Nick

IHW Nick First Night

Even the biggest Telltale fanboy can admit THEY FUCKED NICK UP! Nick started out as a character I didn't really care about but then in Ep2 he won my respect......then Ep3 and 4 came out. They literally took a major character, no fucking joke, and turned him into a fucking background character! A FUCKING EXTRA! His send off btw is terrible as well. Why???? BECAUSE HE DIES OFFSCREEN!!!!!! TELLTALE WHY??? *sigh* Nick was a great, interesting, and all around nice guy.

2. Alvin

AHD Alvin Worried

To be completely honest Idk why I love Alvin so much. No really I don't know why. I mean we all can agree he's a good character but for some reason I find him to be one of the best of the S2 introductions. His death in Ep3 I saw coming and I still felt sad. The guy never got to see his kid....oh I'm sorry his POSSIBLE kid. Seriously stop with the edit wars okay? Alvin for some odd reason is one of my favs. I really need to figure out why.

1. Pete

Pete VG Crop

I'm sorry I failed you

Drummer roll please! Yes Pete, my favorite character from S2's Cabin Group. I know what you are thinking "WHAT? HOW?" and I expect this. I found Pete to be an extremely well written and likable character. His relationship with Nick was interesting as all hell and his final moments in Ep2 are just depressing. He's a character that I got (still am) pissed at Telltale for killing him SO EARLY ON! Not to mention the promise you can make Pete (Keeping Nick safe) You fail it! You don't even have a fucking chance to save Nick, he's dead KILLED OFFSCREEN! *sigh* In Ep1 where you have the decision to help either Pete or Nick, my advice to you is to save Pete. Why? Because Nick lives either way and this gives Pete like 10 mins of extra stuff. R.I.P.

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