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Hello everyone and welcome to Pig's Lists, today will be a special list. With the 3 worst couples of TWD and the 3 best couples of TWD. 

The Rules for this are

  1. They can't be brief relationships (Sam & Ana, Beth & Zach, Beth & Jimmy, TV Andrea & TV Shane, etc)
  2. They can't be fan pairings (Beth & Daryl, Carol & Daryl, Michonne & Rick, Clem & Luke, etc)
  3. They can't be unconfirmed relationships (T-Dog & Jacqui, Rowan & Governor, Carley & Lee, etc)

Before we begin let me remind you of three things.

  1. Opinions
  2. Find that Easter Egg
  3. Not in Order

Let's Begin with the one you want to see the most, the worst.

The 3 Worst Couples of TWD

Honorable Mentions

TV Andrea & TV The Governor



Alright Andrea and the Gov...why? Why the fuck would you do this AMC? I mean you fuck up Andrea so damn badly and to top it all off she fucks the governor!? WHY?! The Governor and Andrea sadly have a lot of scenes together, and it doesn't help that in almost an entire episode has their scenes fucking. Yes you read this right, Andrea and The Governor fucking. WHY?? Andrea and Governor are not a match made in heaven, as Andrea wants to kill the governor and the governor makes Andrea join his 50 Shades of Grey Role Play. Thanks Mazzara!

Comic Michonne & Comic Tyreese


Too Hot to Handle

Tyreese and Carol were both in a great relationship. They liked/loved each other and cared for each other. Then Michonne comes in and well, doesn't take long for her to get her mouth around a certain something. ;). The scene where Tyreese is playing Basketball and Michonne just comes up to him and starts to well.....Youtube the song Lollipop and you'll get the general understanding. Their secret affair makes Carol extremely depressed and suicidal. Not to mention wanting to marry both Lori AND Rick. Fun fact you can do that in real life. Yes it's true you have a three way fucking marriage. Anyways I never really felt that they had a connection besides well, they play basketball. I just kinda ticked me off to see a great relationship turned into a flop because of Horny Michonne and Big old Tyreese.

TV Rick & TV Lori

Rick Lori Vision C

Someone give them clay!

ugh...I really hate talking about this couple as it involves my favorite character and one of the worst characters. Fuck this couple. They do nothing but argue starting in late S2 and not to mention in Season 3 they don't even really give a shit about each other...well until Lori dies then Rick goes fucking insane and starts making out with ghosts. They have terrible chemistry and terrible lines to each other. They are just PAINFUL to watch.

Best Couples

Honorable Mentions

Comic Rick & Comic Andrea


I know a certain Andreafan that would like this

This couple I did not see coming. Andrea, who many thought wouldn't last this long has not only lasted this long but is also fucking our protagonist Rick. Rick and Andrea are a great couple, with plenty of great scenes together. Hell Carl even now calls Andrea "Mom" It's not confirmed though if Andrea and Rick are married starting in ANB and I highly doubt they are. Comic Rick and Comic Andrea, what else can be said about this great couple.

Aaron & Eric

Aaron & Eric 6

Trev's least favorite Couple and no this isn't the easter egg

Aaron and Eric, the posterboard for "Homosexuality in TWD". This couple is not just great because of their great scenes,, chemistry, etc but it's also great because it shows finally the first gay coupl...oh wait, they aren't the first gay couple. Dexter and Andrew were....oh well. Anyways these characters are always great and rarely have any bad scenes with each other, if at all. You can feel Aaron's emotion when Eric dies, that is how great this couple is.

Comic Maggie & Comic Glenn

Glenymaggie copia

Remember when Glenn was bald? Nah neither did I

When someone says comic pairing most fans think of Maggie and Glenn's relationship. You can tell they mean the world to each other, and not to mention their scenes are both funny and great. What else can I say that hasn't been said about this pairing?

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