HELLO EVERYONE welcome to another Pig's Lists and let's jump into it....but first I need to define a "really?" moment.

Easter Egg is in the blog btw

There are five kinds of Really Moments.

1. If a character does something so stupid and idiotic

2. A Random/unneeded Death Scene that nobody saw coming that leaves you saying "really..."

3. The Batman Beyond Badass/awesome thing you just saw and you're so shocked by the awesome that you say "did that really happen?"

4. The Twist that leaves you like "REALLY?? You're going to fucking leave us here?

5. The unrealistic shit that randomly appears in your show/film/book/comic and you go "really? You had yo put that there?"

Honorable Mentions

4. TV Axel's random as hell death


At least this Axel doesn't get distracted with Facebook

So yes while many people didn't like Axel (from him not saying his famous line, nothing like the comic version, etc), there is no denying that his random and sudden death made people go "Did that really just happen?" The scene plays out like this, Carol and Axel are talking then BOOM random Governor sniping time...even though the Governor is using an AUG (an Assault Rifle) from like 200 feet away and hits Axel directly between the eyes. Anyways to make matters worse Carol is forced to use her new friend as a human freaking shield! But yet again it shouldn't have been such a surprise seeing as Mazzara killed off characters regularly.

3. Woodbury's Return (Comics)


Your stump will never be as great as Rick's stump

After almost an entire volume without the dreaded Woodbury and out of the blue comes the Governor who many thought was dead (come on, you thought he was too) wearing riot gear, an eye patch and on a fucking TANK! I think most readers went "Really? Did they have to make this a cliffhanger? WHY???" Woodbury's return in the comics was a game changers (literally as they killed Hershel, Billy, Lori, Judith, Patricia, Alice, and Axel.)

2. Ben....just stop please

SFH Ben 4

*gasp* I found a Hatchet. I will take it :D


I can't even....you take the hatchet that is the only way of keeping the zombies out and you think "huh, random hatchet that looks like it's keeping the doors locked. Might as well take it." I'm sorry but REALLY BEN??? You've done some bad things in the past and I forgive you but this, while I forgive you, is just fucking stupid as all hell!

1. Daryl + Tank = REALLY????

Daryl vs tank

Even Call of Duty is like "That's fucking stupid"

Okay while I said Daryl + Tank thing I really meant this entire scene! Daryl is getting shot at and walkers coming from both sides. What the hell does he do? Kills one of the walkers and uses it as a human shield. WHAT??? It gets better btw. He kills the people shooting at him and well this gif explains the rest. Mitch hops out at the last second and Daryl shoots his ass with his crossbow. REALLY Gimple??? Do I need to explain myself any further?

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The Gif

Okay so I was inspired by the Call of Duty wikia, who put gifs at the end of their news blogs. I simply wanted to do something like that on here. 


Where I found the gif: http://gifsoup.com/view/3321990/honey-boo-boo-s-obese-mom.html