Okay so Negan and the Savoirs (Comics Version)


The Govenor and Woodbury (TV Series Version)

I think it would be a very close battle and I beileve that The Govenor would come out on top but Barely.

I might make this a weekly blog where I pin 2 Walking Dead Characters or Teams against Eachother. If you would like that and have suggestions leave a comment.

Also Leave a comment saying who do you think would win in a fight to the death.

Thx Pigpen Out

UPDATE: I've decided to not make this a weekly post...I've decided to make this Blog every 2 Days!

Next up will be

Rick and the main group (The Main group will be from the Prison Arc so nobody is in the group after that)


Guillermo and the Vatos Gang

Don't say who would win until the next blog is up...until then keep disscussing Govenor vs. Negan.