The Third and most likely final in TWD Top Ten blogs Trilogy and boy it's been a hell of a ride. (considering the fact that Top 5 Worst TWD Episodes is one of the most controversal Blogs on this Wiki)

These Moments will not include Deaths and I will give a brief Descreption of what goes down.

10. Daryl & Merle

This is a strech Ik but even Daryl fans have to admit any scene (including that tease from Season 2) between Daryl and Merle is freakin amazing. I love these scenes and I will continue to love these scenes until the end of time!

9. Hershel's Disscusion with Rick while Glenn watches from a distance

From Season 2's Nebreska and with that comes my Third fav moment from S2. So what happens is, Rick and Glenn track down Hershel to a local bar where they talk and disscus the events from the Mid Season Finale. And yes Glenn says little to nothing and watches from a distance. R.I.P Hershel

8. "We are all infeceted"

The S2 Finale brings Rick to admit what Dr. Jenner told him originally in S1. That they all are infected and no matter how you die you will turn.

7. Rick and Shane in the Car

The First Scene besides the intro in TWD in the best TV pilot ever....Days Gone Bye. IDK why but I've always liked this scene a lot even though it is short. Shane and Rick talk about Lori in their Squad Car then they are called over to Plot Device (Criminals).

6. Michonne vs. The Gov

The Battle between Michonne and The Gov in the Season 3 Mid Season Finale is at number 6. With Michonne killing Penny and the Gov going insane (even more insane then before). Just an awesome fight scene, yea thats it.

5. Allen vs. Tyreese

In the S3 episode Prey the scene where Tyreese and Allen get in each others faces about Donna at the Walker Pits is always a fav of mine. IDK why I just like how Tyreese is such an easy going guy and how fast he can go into full on rage mode.

4. Rick's Negotiation

No not the one between Rick and the gov from S3 I'm talking about S4's Too Far Gone. Many people may say this shows Rick isn;t the badass he once was but I think this shows he is even more of one. I mean look Rick is talking to a One Eyed Pychopath, that has his army and his TANK all on you. Rick's got a pair man. 

3. Merle and Michonne's Car Ride

In my new 2nd fav episode of TWD ever the Car Ride where Merle has Michonne Prisoner and Michonne is talking him out of handing her to the Gov. We learn a lot about Merle in this one car ride and we see him change and redeem himself. He sets Michonne free and Drives off to Kill the Gov. R.I.P Merle

2. Rick vs. Shane

Rick and Shane's scenes in 18 Miles Out are truely shocking. It shows how different Shane and Rick are and how much they would do for the group. It is suspenceful and well let's be honest we all went "OH CRAP" when Shane threw the "hammer??" into the window and it realesed a shit ton of walkers.

1. "I see Red, Everything I see IS RED!!"

How could this not be Number 1 from the best episode of all time Clear. Rick and Morgan's conversaton is just haunting. We learn what happened the Morgan and why he turned insane. It drives Rick into Sanity again and well I can't say anything more about it GO SEE IT YOURSELF IT IS AWESOME!!!!

Hope you like my fav moments. Leave your favs in the comments and your thoughts about my choices.

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