UPDATE NOW WITH POLL!!! srry I forgot it last time. Welcome Back guys Pigpen back to bring you more of the WALKING DEAD VS BLOGS!!!! Today is our first 2 v 2 fight so hooray but before we go on with the fight  should announce the winner from last time......ARCHER CREEK GROUP yeah was pretty obvious when you look at the poll LOL. On with the Fight.


Shane (Comics)-Shane was Rick's best friend and fellow Police Officer. He usually is seen with a Hangun or Shotgun. His rage is completly out of control and will kill anyone (keyword anyone) to help/save Lori and Carl (mostly Lori). He will take any dissagrement and freakin turn it into a life or death situation.

Daryl (Survival Instinct)-It's Daryl the Redneck badass that's good with any weapon from Crossbows to Handguns to Hammers to Assault Rifles! but this is the Daryl from Survival Instinct (though in the same canon on TV version). He is not really that strong but has amazing accurany and Stamina.


Merle (TV Series) - Now merle is in his 40s-50s and also is a redneck. He cares much for his brother Daryl. He is good with Rifles, Assault Rifles, and Handguns. Also we are using Merle from Season 3 so he also has a Bayonet Hand. although he suffers from Drug use and drinks enough Alcohal to make any man drunk as hell.

Glenn (TV Series)- Glenn doesn't rely on Strength but Skill and Stealth. He is usaully seen with a Handgun, a Rifle, or a Blunt Weapon. He also has possibly has the best Courage of anyone in The Walking Dead. Due to him fighting (and Winning) a walker while tied to a chair also he freakin is smart as hell. He also Hates Merle with a Passion.

Who wins? IDK too close you guys vote. :)

Who Wins?

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Hershel's Farm (TV Series) (Hershel, Patrica, Beth, Jimmy, Maggie, Otis)


Cancer Support Group (Telltale) (Vernon, Brie, Joyce, Clive, Boyd)