You may remember a blog and which I stated how I'd like Season 3s Mid Season Finale to end.....while a lot of people hated my idea it turns out I was right in some cases!!!

Daryl did take out the tank

Julio was a sniper (although if he shot Howard or not is unknown)

Hershel was executed (Not shot but beheaded so I kinda got that one.)

Mitch did make the tank blow a hole in a cell block

Lilly did kill the Governor (Not betrayed but she still killed him)

Bob was injured (although not in a fist fight and he didn't die of blood lose)

AND that is really it XD

Any ways On with the Review!!!!

The Deaths

Judith - Robet Kirkman stated on The Talking Dead that'd we have to wait and see for the second part of the season to find out if she is alive or not so.....maybe she's not dead. Any ways I felt that (if she did die) she should have went the Comic Approach and get well how do I say this.....Squashed.

Julio - A Character that even I said was fake that turned out to be real was killed and his name was Julio. Although He was a background character (a redshirt maybe IDK) his actor described him as the mechanic.....well they mentioned he fixed a car once, he has no lines, so IDK I was never attached to the character so moving on.

Hershel - "HERSHEL SUCKS DUDE WORST CHARACTER EVER!!!" <- Said Nobody. TV Hershel is one of my all time fav TWD Characters and a lot of people can agree. He is such a great moral compass, he's funny, His badass crutches, His santa clause appearance, his Spaghetti Tuesdays on Wednesdays, he will be missed ALTHOUGH I found his death not as sad as say Merle's because a lot of people suspected he would die in the attack, but still such a sad death to a great character. He will be missed.

Mitch - I was never attached to him at all, and I loved his death scene, come on even Daryl haters have to admit that was pretty badass. Although I feel if he hopped out of the tank and walked into the prison yard when Rick offered to share the prison, Mitch would become just like Shane. IDK he just seems like the kind of guy that reminds me of Shane.

Mehgan - I did not see this one coming let me tell you that! Although although she is a kid I found it kinda cool that she is killed by a Night of the Living Dead style Zombie (Zombie rises from the ground). It was a very sad death but Really Gov you just shoot her with no emotion? She was the one of the two you wanted to keep alive.

The Governor - WOW, just WOW what an awesome way for him to go. First he fights Rick, then gets stabbed by Michonne, then Shot by Lilly. A Triple death...even though he was about to kill Rick. I hope now everyone will see that TV Gov is one of the best TV villains ever although is a shadow compared to his Rapist, Zombie Girl Sex Slave maker, Arena Fighter maker, Comic counterpart.

The Fight

Mazzara did it better, he did hands down..... <- Says nobody. Okay Season 3 finale your assault sucked and now here comes an awesome fight scene! It was amazing, bloodshed, memorable moments, awesome scenes, sad deaths, surprising deaths, It is just hands down awesome! I love this episodes fight I really love it....and yes I will admit, Beth kinda became a badass for a very very brief moment but then went back down to "Wow she should have gotten ran over by that tank." But really it was an awesome fight and if you don't want to watch the talking and stuff I don't blame you, the talking parts are amazing but the fight is just as amazing


One of my fav episodes to date, this goes down with This Sorrowful Life and Clear as the now 3 best episodes in TWD History.

Your thoughts?

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Robert Kirkman stated the more popular the character the more worse (Gruesome) death thier death will be if they die or something like that.....Can you imagine Daryls death O_O