DONT READ UNLESS U READ ISSUE 118....OKAY?? Good...I;m an idiot for not knowing about spoilers SO Sorry for the people that read this that didnt read it soooo sorry, complety spaced it

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Today our friend Shiva was eaten Alive in issue 118. These are some of the awesome things she has done.

  • Helped save Rick in Issue 113
  • She's a freakin Tiger
  • Saved people in Issue 118
  • She's a freakin Tiger
  • Sacrificed herself
  • She's a freakin Tiger
  • Eats Zombies

Oh yea some other guys like Richard and Eric but hey they arn't tigers.

We will miss you buddy :(

ShivaBan1 This user is a fan of Shiva.
She doesn't like violence!

okay but really now I may have upped the drama there just a tad bit but hey we all love Shiva and sadly it's time to say goodbye. Shiva <3 *tigers kick ass*

Will you miss Shiva?

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