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How Survival Instinct should have been

Pigpen077 December 8, 2013 User blog:Pigpen077

Hi guys and I'm just gonna come out and say it......

I Liked Survival Instinct

  1. People start throwing Walker Heads, Knives, and Tomatoes#

Now Wait, I will admit there are some god awful issues.

Some of the Problems

1. First up I'm a CoD fanatic and so Herd Mode seemed just liked CoD Nazi Zombies (or Russian, Asian, American Zombies) but I never got to play it, why? Well I forgot the pre order the game and so when I heard it was being given to the public through DLC I was excited....it was only for Steam (PC) and XBOX 360....I had a PS3....so I was pissed.

2. No Story, Just no....I can't go into detail because where there's nothin to go into detail for.

3. Shitty Unlike able characters. The only original Characters I liked in this were Buck (He reminds me of Duck Dynasty IDK why maybe the beard.) and Noah.

There is so much more but hey that'd be a blog for itself.

Here is how I'd like it to be......

1. Story: The Prologue (Hunting Cabin) Level is kept only Jess isn't bit. Daryl and Jess go and try to find Merle and find along the way an RV and which they take and use it to pick up survivors such as Jimmy (The Cop), Noah, and more! Soon they find Merle and when they find Merle, Merle flips out when he sees Jimmy (Jimmy being the cop that arrested him in the first place.) and tries to kill him, Jess stops him but is shot. Merle then calms down. They drive on some more and soon they are attacked by a herd of walkers. They all have to run. Jess is left behind and killed, Jimmy sacrifices himself to save Daryl and Merle (mostly Daryl). Noah is separated from everyone and thinks that Daryl purposely left him behind. Soon Daryl and Merle find some more survivors, and continue their journey to Atlanta. Instead of the military base as the Epilogue level, the new one is, One of the members of Daryl's group is shot and killed, and Daryl and Merle hide from the shooter who is later revealed to be Noah. Daryl and Merle sneak up on him and kill him. Merle and Daryl then look down and see that their team is being attacked by the same herd from before. Daryl and Merle retreat and find a Highway in which they meet and team up with Lori, Shane, Carol, Ed, Carl, and Sophia. THE END oh and the end credit scene show right after the herd attacks the RV, a group of 5 people (Amy, Andrea, Dale, T-Dog and Jacquia) find the RV and drive it to Atlanta.

2. The Gameplay would be 2 Player Co Op or Singleplayer if you have nobody to play with. The first couple of levels you'd play as Daryl and Jess, and then the rest are Daryl and Merle.

3. A multiplayer Mode where their would be four gamemodes, Team Deathmatch, Online Herd Mode, King of the Hill, and IDK maybe something else.

So that'd be a way for it to be better


Like it or Hate it

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ALSO this is not Fanfic as this is my Ideas of How the game would be better.

sneak peak of 2014s VS. Blogs.

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Thx for reading.

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