Welcome back everyone the the 8th Vs. Blogs. The winner from last time was.........Shane and Daryl. Due to Merle and Glenn would have never worked together....On with the Fight!

Hershel's Farm - Hershel is in his 60s and isn't a fan of fighting (We are using Hershel, Beth, and Maggie from Season 2 not 3). They do have more people in their group than the Cancer Support Group but Hershel's team really only has like 3 fighters while the other ones won't really help. (Fighters are Maggie, Jimmy, and Otis). They have at least 2 Rifles there, some handguns and 1 Shotgun.

Cancer Support Group - Led by Vernon they are Cancer Survivors (except Joyce who currently still has it) They all are in there 50s - 70s. Now I know what you're thinking, "You're pitting Fighters against Non Fighters, Ugh you suck Pigpen". Well no I'm not you see Vernon as their leader can basiclly make them into beating up not 1 but 4 people to get to a boat or really anything. They have at least a couple of handguns.

Who Wins? I'll say Hershel's Farm but it's up to you!

Who Wins?

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