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Pigpen077 September 23, 2013 User blog:Pigpen077

OUR FIRST 4 WAY BATTLE FOR THE VS. BLOGS!!!!!!!! Hi guys last time Hershel's Farm won but anyway I'm really excited about this fight....one of the best Walking Dead Characters many versions of himself will fight to the death to see who is the best glenn and who would win in a fight!!!!

I can't really explain them so Ill tell you about Glenn in General.

Glenn was a Pizza Delivery Boy before the apoclypse. He has a relationship with Herhsel Greene's daughter Maggie. He mostly like going places and fighting by himself and is very fast. He is clever and possibly the smartest of the Original Group.

So that's a little about Glenn so IDK who wins but I personlly like the Comics version of him the best. Why? Cause he's awesome and didn't deserve to die.

So decide who is the most likeable and who wins in a fight.


Hunting Group (Daryl Dixon, Will Dixon, Buck, Jess Collins)


400 Days Group (Rusell, Vince, Shel, Bonnie, Wyatt, Becca)

Most Likeable

The poll was created at 18:50 on September 23, 2013, and so far 90 people voted.

Who wins in a fight?

The poll was created at 18:50 on September 23, 2013, and so far 79 people voted.

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