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Pigpen077 October 13, 2013 User blog:Pigpen077

THIS IS A BLOG AND A THANK YOU Okay welcome and I want to talk about future Season of the Walking Dead Also leave comments on what you think future seasons would be like or what u thought of my predictions.

As for me the walking dead is my favorite Franchise (The Comics, Show, Games, HELL even the Board Games XD)

but with Season 4 coming out tommorow "YESSSSSSS" I want to talk about what will follow and will there be a followup?

Now this all speculation so leave your opinions in the comments.

Season 4 - Prison Assault then by Mid Season they leave the prison and go on the road and at the end of the season they find the D.C Scavengers.

Season 5 - first 5 Episodes will be the group fighting against the Scavengers and finally they reach the Alexandra Safe Zone. The final Episode would show the death of Abraham. (Now I know what you are thinking WAIT Pigpen you forgot the Hunters....no i didnt)

Season 6 - The Hunters would find them only they would have like 50 members instead of the small amount in the Comics version. This season would have the deaths of Bob, Sasha, and IDK someone else :P

Season 7 - The Kingdom, Hilltop, Saviors, Negan, All out War, Shiva. Yeah it would have 25 episodes compared to the 16 episodes. The Main MAIN Death would be Daryl who would sacrafice himself to save the group. Negan would kill him and Rick would take revenge and kill Negan.

NOW IK They met the Hunters before the Safe Zone but hey was their a CDC in the comics, Did Shane survive til the Farm, Did Hershel loose a limb, Did Dale get mercy killed by daryl, was their 5 Prisoners, Did Tyreese have a Sister, Did Morgan not go with Rick to the Prison, did Patricia not live till the Prison, Did Maggie have only one sister instead of multiple, Did Michonne not torture the Govenor, Was their a Vatos Gang, Did Sophia die, Did....you get it. Things change in the Show. Better or Worse?

Also you guys are awesome and I want to thank everyone including Ghost, WalkerSniper, NUKE, Dominic, Cheria, Weszombie, CarolfanJames, Darkshadow, Devy, Axel, Daniel, Gravelord, Relic, WalkerMaimer, Outmoduser, AND SO MUCH MORE thank you all you guys are awesome. Honestly I feel welcomed to this wiki so much so. Thank you all and to anyone I missed srry I can't put all of your names up here. Pigpen Out. :D

P.S I'll be at the chat party tommorow for the premiere.

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