Comics...........they win hands down. Now okay with the show they did do good versions of the comic characters but what about the crappy versions...........well read on...unless you're that kind of anon that trolls around on blogs

Good (Rick, Carl, Michonne, Tyreese (so far), Hershel, Maggie, Dexter/Oscar, The Govenor, Axel, Carol, Otis etc)

Bad (Glenn, Andrea, Andrew, Sophia, Ben, Allen, Donna, Bob etc)

Okay here is a little thing about Andrea that I wrote in the original draft of the Blog I didn't want to delete

Andrea - What the fuck can be said about this......Horrible THING!? In the comics Andrea never slept with the Govenor or shane. She was a sniper and a badass but in the show...I no no no no. She "chooses a warm bed over a friend", Chooses Woodbury again after meeting with Rick, Daryl and Hershel, She chooses Woodbury again after going to the prison and she doesnt kill the govenor which means she indirectly killed (Merle, Noah, Milton, Allen, Ben, every Woodbury Soldier and of course any future victim of the govenor).

Thx for reading and here is a poll just for you guys :) P.S I had to make this blog in a rush so thats why I stopped making a draft for it and thats the reason this blog is so randomly typed srry I'll have a better blog up later in the week.

Which is your favorite versions of the characters

TV or Comics

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