Srry for the Delay of the fight you guys....anyways WELCOME BACK!!! Last time the most likable Glenn was........................Comic Glenn and the Glenn to win in a fight was.................TV Glenn.

Today's fight we will be pairing the Hunting Group seen in the Prolouge to The Walking Dead Survival Instinct to the 400 Days Group in Telltale's final DLC Episode 400 Days.

Hunting Group - It consists of Daryl Dixon, Jess Collins, Buck, and Will Dixon. The group were hunters and mainly used Hunting Rifles and Knives but also had at least one hammer and at least 2 Hanguns. Although Daryl does not have his crossbow so they don't have the crossbow. Also most of the group the members such as Jess and Buck both are in their 50s-60s. While they don't have many people they trust eachother a lot cause they seemingly are all family (IDK if Buck is related to Will, Daryl, or Jess).

400 Days Group - Consists of Vince, Russell, Shel, Bonnie, Becca, and Wyatt. They have at least one shotgun and a couple of pistols. Some do not trust eachother shown by Russell, and are all willing to leave eachother behind (as we know they all can go with you at the end but the others that are left behind just stay behind nobody that goes will really care.) They are all younger 40s-19 and Vince has killed people in the Past. Becca is a little older then Clemintine but still is little.

IDK who wins you guys decide heres the next fight. Vote and Comment


Prisoners from the Prison Bus (Vince, Justin, Danny, Marcus Crabtree, Jerry)


The Prisoners (TV Series) - (Axel, Oscar, Tomas, Big Tiny, and Andrew)

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