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  • Pigpen077

    So I did this for Season 5, 6, 7 and now 8. That's all I got.

    You know, I love the show just because of how terribly stupid and silly it is but this doesn't even look so bad it's funny so yeah. Looks bad. I think the dumbest thing in the trailer is some guy's using a battle ax and Michonne having a sword fight. Oh and old man Rick.

    R.I.P Black Angels.

    Overall, looks lame. Although I'm interested to see if they someone top the stupidity this season has brought to us so far with the cosmonaut, crow eating someone's brain while they're still alive, lightning bolt kill and the mutant zombie that can break through walls. Seriously has everyone forgotten about the mutant zombie? That was lame.

    Leave comments below abotu your thoughts on the trailers…

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  • Pigpen077

    Oh boy this looks bad, not just for our "heroes" but in general it looks like poo.

    But because the mass audience is too lazy to read the source material we gotta like the show.

    The almost as pointless as Cleveland Show spin off has returned and looks like poo once again.

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  • Pigpen077

    E3's coming in hot and what we got today was....well. Cool I guess. We got Season 3's teaser and while the engine has been upgraded *finally* we see adult/late teens Clementine and an unknown man with her.

    If the video gets taken down or a video with better quality is released I'll replace this one.

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  • Pigpen077

    "This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel." - John "Soap" McTavish, 1789.

    So I'm bored, let's rant.

    Oh boy I can hear those Felicias crying and getting pissed that I'd make fun of this amazing antagonist. For god sakes he has a beard when Negan is supposed to be clean shaven! Sadly that's the least of his problems as for the rest of the time we've seen this shitty villain he's talking...well I mean...kinda fruity.

    By fruity I mean a homosexual male or female or a gay male or female and that's no way a bad thing for a character to be gay...but Negan's not gay...at all. He's the straightest motherfucker out there! 

    Was that stereotypical?

    I'm sorry, I'm bi myself so oh well. Wanna date? Let's go! Because wiki relationships work! Right? No? Proba…

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  • Pigpen077

    "It was Katherine Brewster who reprogrammed me and sent me back through the time displacement field." - Lance Armstrong, 1996.


    So time to rant on something that I actually really like because I know it'll make show fans happy.

     I fucking hate Carl so much. He's by far one of the worst characters in the comics and has become worse over time. Seriously every new issue with this little shit just makes me hate him even more. This kid is one of the most whiny little shits imaginable and the fact that he thinks he's this hardcore badass pisses me off because it's so far from the truth. I wish Carl died when Otis shot him. Fuck this kid and his whiny antics.

    The Main complant I see about Carol from the comics is that she's a weak character that ki…

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