Hello everyone, 

today this blog is about a couple suggestions I have for the wiki, and I would like the admins and of course everyone else to think about them, as I believe it will make the wiki function better and become more interesting. Now I know I am not an admin or something, but I hope I can suggest some things. So, here goes:

1) The Review blogs.

Before we introduced the masterblogs, 3everyone made their own review, filling the recent blog column with new blogs every few hours. That way, it was difficult to keep all comments and reviews in a single blog, which is better. For that, the masterblog was introduced, and so far it has achievedd the goals it was meant to. However, I have a couple of suggestions to make it even better:

  1. All reviews should be in the main body, not in the comments. For example, let's say I made a review blog for Issue 125. If another member wants to post their review, they can notify me and I should include their review in another header under mine in the main body of my blog. This way all reviews will be together and seperated from the comments, and everyone's review will be just as important.
  2. The masterblog should be done by the first one who wants to make it after the episode (or issue) is released. I'm not sure about that though, as having someone specific make the blogs (like maimer in the episodes) ensures great quality. However, if the first one makes it, they will be made earlier in the day. Also, with the first change everyone's reviews will be in the same blog so it won't really matter  who has done the blog. Anyway, I'm leaving this up to the admins to decide (as with everything of course)

2)About accepted blogs

Now, no one wants low quality blogs to fill up the space in tthe main page and push the more important ones to oblivion (:P). On the other hand, I personally disagree with the 300 word limit, as blogs with 50 words may be way more interesting than blogs with 1000 words. Also, if there is nothing new to be expected (like new issue or episode), i wouldn't mind to see some new blogs in the main page, regardless of their quality. On top of that, whether a blog is interesting or high quality is very subjective. Don't get me wrong, the admins have made a good job thus far, but I'm talking about the future here. That said, I have one suggestion about this:

When something has just been released (like an episode or issue or chapter), secondary blogs will not be accepted as they push down the masterblog, or more important blogs anyway. For example, let's say Issue 124 was just released. There don't need to be 10 blogs on whether the bolt was poisoned (usually with not many words either), these can go to the issue 124 masteblog. Also, in th same situation we can't have "Top ten tvseries characters" a few hours after the issue aired. On the other hand, when two days or so have passed since something aired, it's ok for other blogs to follow. Also, in summer for example when we only have two issues per month, and almost nothing else new, I personally don't have any problem to see a bad blog, when the previous one was created days ago and hasn't been commented on for days wither. What I mean to say, is that when deleting blogs, there should be taken into account if there are pressing matters at the moment. I hope you get what I mean

That's all for now, these ideas came to my mind and I thought  should share them with you. I am looking forward to any feedback, and i will leave you think of these. Whether they are accepted or not, this falls to the judjement of the admins and of course all of us. Any decision will be acceptable by me though.

Have a nice day!!