Ok, Devinthe66 made a blog below about who you think is going to die. This blog is about who you want to die. I will list all the characters on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 meaning I absolutely want them to survive, 5 I don't care if they survive and 10 I want them to die so much). I 'd like to see your thoughts as well, and if I could I would create a poll where each of us could grade the characters from 1 to 10. So here goes:

Rick        6

I want him to survive, but I would gladly sacrifice him for the sake of other characters. We know he won't die though.

Carl         10

i just want that brat to die. mark my words, he is behind Karen's murder. he would do what's necessary to protect judith, and she is in the most danger from this disease. So he would definitelly do this. I also think Rick will find out but won't tell anyone, like in the comic he knew carl killed Ben but hasn't told Andrea yet.

Glenn     7

I like him a lot, but I would sacrifice him for others. Since the assault needs to have many casualties, i would kil him. Nott gonna happen though...

Maggie   1

She is the series Andrea to me. Walking dead can't exist without her in my opinion.

Daryl      10

Cash cow, horrible character in the last season, only there to please hormonal teenage girls. His death will be a huge F**K U in the face of his annoying fans

Beth      8

Pointless character in my opinion, she could get a good storyline until the midseason and then die to develop the other greenes. She could die carrying Judith, comic style. That would be cool.

Sasha    4

She is growing inside me. I like her a lot, although not as much as Tyreese. Would definitely like to have her around though.

Michonne 1

A fan favorite. Can't die and won't. Enough said

Bob         5

An average character, and one of the few prison ones who survive until now. I like him, and I want at least some prison characters to survive post-prison, so I want him to survive. but would definitely kill him if it meant tyreese gets to survive

Lizzie      7

She can do something stupid and die. I like her sister a lot more, Carol will be devastated to lose another child, but Mika will keep her going. So I want her to die, the more dead characters the more shocking the assault is going to be!!!

Mika     3

Way more loveable than her sister. i want her to be the new Sophia and live until Alexandria, even more.

Judith    9

I like her, don't get me wrong, but killing off a child will set the tone just fine for the prison assault and makes all of us very sad. Rick and Carl will also develop more, as well as the other  characters.

Hershel   1

one of my favorites. I will be torn if he dies, but sadly i think he will. I would trade anyone for him and Carol.

Martinez   9

He can die like his comic counterpart did. Rick can strangle him all he wants. I don't care about him. Besides, even if he survives, he doesn't have any future in the series. However, I would like to see him holed up in the prison after the governor dies, and maybe show up in the spinoff.

Shumpert 10

He is becoming the new Daryl. Damn crossbows. kill him before he becomes any more likeable. Kill it before it lays eggs!!!

Mrs McLeod    8

Killing off innocents will make the assault darker as I said. So yeah, i want her dead for the most part.

The governor   10

Of course he has to die. But bring down half the cast with him. maybe be devoured by walkers as he sees the group dying. That would be awesome

Tyreese       1

Sadly, he will be sacrificed so that Daryl may live. Yeah, f**k you comic readers. Who cares? I want Tyreese to live tthough. He hasn't had any development in the previous season, and 8 episodes isn't going to be enough. So yeah, he and Abraham would be cool, keep him around and kill Daryl

Dr Submarine  10

dead people are never enough. never seen the guy, don't care, kill him to add more corpses in the fight.

Luke           1

No, just no. he is such a sweet little boy, don't have him killed!!! Kill Carl instead. have Carl get his insides eaten by walkers while breathing. Donn't care, just don't kill this boy. He can become the new Carl, he is so much closer to comic Carl's age.

Molly  7

I like her, but her death = darker assault. Kill her.

Flame   6

Like this horse a lot, and will get sad if it dies. Well, we need to get a little sad, so kill it.

Remainign woodbury survivors   10

Yeah, don't care, but they will die. For sure.

Overall, I would kill Carl, Daryl, Judith, Lizzie, Beth, Bob, McLeod, Molly, Dr S, remaining woodbury survivors and Martinez, Shumpert and the Governor

Total body count: At least 12, not cunting woodbury extras