Well, All out War is expected to be the best arc of the walking dead to this point. What do you think is going to happen to each character? Here are my predictions:

Rick: Not much I guess. They might shock us by killing Carl, which would open a whole new chapter in his development, but I highly doubt Kirkman would do it. Nor would he kill Andrea. Some people just need to survive, not all can die and she is just one of four people from the original group to survive until now. I think Carl may be punished by Negan (see below) and Andrea shot and seriously wounded (but survive). These two things will affect Rick very much

Carl: I don't think anything will happen to Carl either. Of course Negan could surprise them with an attack and take over Alexandria while the army is going to attack him. In that case, I don't think Negan would let Carl live. He shot Lucille after all and Negan won't let  that just go away. Perhaps, to affect Rick up to a point, Negan will hit him some times with Lucille, but won't kill him, or maybe he will break his hands or legs. Being a 9 year old, Carl will be scarred by this, let alone unable to tend for himself for a long time. This will of course affect Rick, and as I said before, as long as Andrea and Carl are well, he is ok too.

Andrea: Not much is going to happen to her either. Maybe she will get shot, but she will survive. She and Rick always do. Of course she will be invaluable in the war. Her fight with the Savior on the bell tower was enough for her for the whole war, so most probably nothing else is going to happen to her except the fact that she will kill lots of saviors.

Michonne: If Kirkman wants to kill a major character in ths arc, Michonne is a goner. I give a 60% chance to survive the war. She and Ezekiel clearly have a thing, so I can see her surviving the war and joining Ezekiel in the Kingdom (or what will be left of it, if it is destroyed). Needless to mention I want her safe, as well as Andrea

Aaron & Eric: Sadly I think one of them is a goner, to give the other room to evolve. I generally think All out war will kill some characters and have others become major ones. Well, I think one of them will die and the other will become a major character.

Holly: I think she will rise to the occasion but will be a war casualty. Don't know though, I don't care about her character much.

Eugene: His bullets will prove to be precious, as they may be the one thing to turn the tides of the war. I want him to survive, as his knowledge will be crucial to rebuilding society, not to mention creating drugs, as most will have expired by now.

Gabriel: No idea. i think him mentioning that Rick is not a good man will have something to do with the war, but not sure. Maybe  am overhtinking it and he will remain a background character, who will be called upon when need be.

Nicholas and family: Well, one of the things I can totally see Negan doing, is killing Nicholas' family to make him stronger. Imagine Negan holding Paula and Mikey and saying "Well, is this the family you begged me to live the other day? Let's see what I can do about it", and then lucilles both his wife and kid, and then says laughing "You don't have an excuse to be a pussy the next time I meet you", and wink at him. I could totally see Negan do something like that, and it would be most shocking see a child and a mother lucilled in front of the father. This would make Nicholas toughen up and fight bravely against the saviors. However, I can see him survive the war and then get sad and start crying, because he wanted to die in the war as life without his family is tough. He will become a main character after this of course, just like Eric or Aaron

Hilltop: I think Hilltop is going to be occupied by the saviors and possibly utterly destroyed

Gregory: That creep shits his pants when he hears Negan's name, and hits on any girl he sees in front of him. I believe that most probably Negan will suddenly go to Hilltop and Gregory will open his gates and surrender to him. Then Negan will give him some benefits for his cooperation Such benefits will be:

  1. Gregory will remain head of hilltop
  2. He will be safe from the saviors and others
  3. he will have his own harem like Negan does

With privileges come obligations though, so:

  1. gregory will be responsible for keeping the hilltop people from joining Rick's army
  2. The hilltop will continue paying the taxes to the saviors
  3. The saviors will have full control of the community

Hopefully he will be overthrown by citizens led by Maggie (see below) and head to negan's camp. Negan will kill him for his failure (hopefully will Lucille him)

Maggie & Sophia: Maggie will inspire and lead the people of Hilltop against Gregory, overthrow him and maybe kill some saviors who stay there for the time being, by sabotaging them. Hopeflly Gregory will be killed too. I just hope he escapes and Negan kills him for failing. I hope they pull a Glenn on him. After the war, I believe either the Hilltop or Alexandria will be destroyed (I bet Hilltop will) and have many casualties, so they will be forced to merge. Maggie will escape but some will stay behind to slow down the Saviors (some characters from hilltop will die here) and Maggie will go back to Alexandria where she will be safe under Rick's protection. Sophia will follow her there, as well as some other characters from Hilltop (Briana for example)

Jesus: He will fight, he will kill, he will kick ass and live to become Rick's next right hand man in the new community. Enough said

Kal & Eduardo: I think Kal will stay behind and be killed while women and unarmed people flee Hilltop. he will do that as a sorry to Jesus, who won't have forgiven him for his attempted betrayal. Eduardo will stay beehind as well, since Mandy will be in the group that leaves and he will want to protect her.

Kingdom: I think the Kingdom is going to survive the war. I think one community is going to fall, but i think it will either be alexandria or hilltop. The survivors will then merge. 

Ezekiel & Shiva: I can see Shiva dying in a melee combat with Negan. Negan killing a tiger would scare the shit out of Rick's army, and make Negan the ultimate badass. If he uses both Lucille and the knife, it won't be unrealistic ito manage and kill a tiger. Ezekiel will then be alone and fight his way through zombies back to the kingdom (this has been said I think), and Shiva's death will give him development. I think he will survive the war, and rule the kingdom with Michonne by his side, as an ally to Alexandria and Hilltop.


Negan: He will go out like a boss and cripple the three communities for a long time after his demise. Sadly, I can hardly see him surviving the war. In a twist though, I can see that happening in two ways:

  1. He escapes after all hope is lost, and comes back after many issues (TV Governor style). Can't see this happening, not his thing. I could see him staying his ground and go down like a man than run
  2. If in a twist of events he wins the war. Don't see that, but it would eb great if the communities lost and forced to get out on the road again. Negan would then build his civilization, with his own standards. Of course, Rick and the group wouldn't abandon the communities, but after manny issues they could come back and try to reclaim them and try to kill the saviors again. Not very likely though

Dwight: I guess he will go down as a hero, to cleanse him for killing Abraham. Negan may see through his plan (not so hard anyway), and maybe kill him or kill Cherry first in front of him (or whatever his girlfriend's name is). In my opinion he has few chances of surviving, but it could happen as well, and he would then lead whatever is left of the saviors, of course living in peace with the other communities.

Lucille: As much as I like this bat, and want them to keep it even after Negan's demise, I highly doubt something like this is going to happen. After all, Negan has rubbed his dick against it, so it would be at least gross, let alone weird, since Glenn died by it. However, a loyal member to Negan could take it and keep it as something to remember his leader.

After this long post, it has finally come to an end. At ffirst, I only wanted to write about Rick and co, but ideas kept flowing through my head.

You know comments are always welcome, I 'd like to hear your opinion on what happens to these people, or any other characters I haven't included.