Well, it's the midseason guys, the show is taking a break, and left us in a good place. On the plus side, the  comic is coming out every 15 days (YAY!!!) so we have plenty of that.

Now, what I wanted to talk about, are three scenarios I'd find interesting to happen in the comic, but let's face it, they probably won't. So, let's go:

Scenario 1: Negan  is Alexander Davidson (impossible)

Why this could happen:

  1. They have a lot of similarities.This thought only occured to me after reading again Rick's and Douglas' conversation. They both give advances to the women they take advantage of, but no one has raped anyone. They also make others do the dirty work, while they stay out of it. When Douglas described him, he seemed too similar to Negan.

Why this won't happen:

  1. It is confirmed by kirkman that Davidson is dead. Of course he could be trolling us, but I think he trully is.
  2. Too unrealistic. It is too unrealistic that a guy who left Alexandria became a leader of suck a big group and did what Negan does in such short time. 
  3. Alexandrians would have recognised him. Although Douglas is dead himself, there are lots of others who knew him. There is no way he is the same person.

Scenario 2: Carl is killed  (quite unlikely)

Why this could happen:

  1. Everyone thinks Carl is untouchable. And Kirkman being the troll he is, he could kill him to show that no one is safe. 
  2. It would also develop Rick in ways we can't even imagine (becoming dark most probably). People say Rick wouldn't survive this, but's let's face it, he will. he will have his revenge to keep him alive for a while, and when this is done, Andrea will be there as well. The governor survived Penny's death, so Rick could also. I'd like to see him tirn into an antagonist for a change
  3. They mention in the comics the unthinkable, and that the war takes its toll. What is more unthinkable than Carl dying? Nothing if you ask me. 
  4. Negan would kill Carl now. Carl has been lucky when it has come to Negan in the past, I mean, he got away with singing after killing some of his men. But he shot Lucille now. You don't get away with that. You just don't.

Why this wouldn't happen:

  1. Carl is untouchable. He is the future of the walking dead, whether we like it or not.
  2. Killing Carl and making Rick evil? That would be too much, even for something like the walking dead.

Scenario 3: Negan has taken in lots of kids and elderly (somewhat unlikely)

It would explain why he wants half of what every community has to offer, and why his men can't produce all these things themselves. Maybe Negan could have taken in a whole orphanage or a house of elderly people.

Why this could happen:

  1. It would be an interesting twist in the coming war. A moral dilemma will arise that not all characters are willing to face. Some may lose their courage, leaving Rick and his core group exposed to Negan's wrath.
  2. It would show a more human and caring Negan. it would show what Kirkman has been trying to do for a few issues now. Show that Negan has a good side. If he is to win the war and establish his dominance, he could do something like this.

Why this couldn't happen:

  1. Dwight might have mentioned it. Unless he isn't actually a traitor. But I think he is, Negan burned half his face. He wants revenge, that's for sure.
  2. Carl could have heard something when he spent time with Negan. Unless the civilians are kept somewhere else. We only saw Negan's men and harem there.
  3. Negan himself could have said something. Unless he has gone all christian, where you need to keep your good deeds a secret. If that's the case, he has gone a little too far I think :P


Anyways, that's all for now, this was a blog post to talk about anything in the comics, now that the series is taking a break. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Looking forward to your replies.

What are the most impossible things that may happen in the war in your opinion?

Peter out!!