Ok, this came to my mind when I saw the train tracks for 4B. Now, the game had train tracks and it also had its version of the hunters, a cannibal family that trapped people and then ate them. My theory is: What if they introduce the hunters like they introduced the cannibals in the game, rather than like the comic. You know, some of them stumble upon this house, one gets eaten and then there is a confrontation with the hunters. That could be where the group is reunited with the loss of a member, or even more. Maybe instead of a house, the hunters could be based in a church, where Gabriel will rule visitors ther in exchange for not eating him. After they take him with them, he would feel guilty over leading so many people to their deaths instead of leaving them out like the comics. I liked the cannibals in the game, so I wouldn't mind at all if they changed things a bit and took some elements from there.