Hello guys, this is another theory blog about what to expect in the following chapters. Spoilers from issue 130 for those who haven't caught up yet. So let's go:

What are the whispers

Last issue, Ken and Marco (I think those are the names), two characters I think we had never seen before, said they heard the dead whispering. Now it was all rainy, they didn't take a good look as they had fallen down, but they said they heard it perfectly. It was whispers, and from what I think this will follow us in the next volume as well, judging by the cover from Issue 134.

Theory number 1

The whispers are walkers evolving, or the virus mutating.

Personally I would hate something like that. I mean totally hate. Also, depending on the explanation, I may hate this more or live with it. But chances are, I may even stop reading, but even if I continue it's going to be only about the characters, and even so I won't care at all.

More specifically, if this is about "walkers evolving", it's going to be stupid as fuck, because evolution doesn't work like this. Let's see how evolution works briefly (if you are against evolution or offended by this subject, I 'm not even sorry, you 're just wrong):

Take chickens as an example. Long long ago, chickens lived in the wild. They were more aggressive and may have had more ways to protect themselves (eg they might use their claws more). They may have had bigger wings too. Man hunted these, and at some point he started collecting them, growing them in a confined space. Over the ages, man would kill the most aggressive of them, because they would attack him and he didn't want it. Also, maybe he would choose the eggs from the fatter chickens to breed new ones, to have more meat. So, over the generations the genes that made the chickens soft and weak prevailed. That's how we have house chickens nowadays with these characteristics, that couldn't possibly survive a day in the wild.

My point is, evolution works over the generations. It's not something that can happen during one's life. And I don't see walkers breeding (that would be the stupidest thing ever) so this wouldn't be evolution. And to call it that would be stupid and unrealistic, because Eugene would know the real term.

If on the other hand, this is explained as a mutation, I might be able to live with that. Walkers mutate and they start whispering (and screaming and holding their wounds, judjing by later covers). However, again we would have to explain a few things, almost everyone would be itching to know why and how this happens, and the doctors would need to perform numerous experiments to reach the conclusion "we don't know why". Numerous questions to be asked there, and I 'm not sure Kirkman would pull it off greatly. Besides, even with post-apocalyptic science, someone should be able to determine if one's brain works or not I guess. 

Theory Number 2

It's people covered in walker guts, surviivng among the herd, protected like Rick. To me that's the best case, and I hope this is it. Maybe they have some amputated walkers like Michonne, to help them better. It would make sense that they whisper to each other, because if they talked it would make the walkers listen to them. Now, you will say why could walkers listen to Rick at first, but these can't now? I think it has to do with years passing. Maybe the ear drums decay slowly, making walker hearing more difficult, allowing whispers to be undetected. 

I'm 99% sure this is the case. kirkman wouldn't suicide the comics by making the walkers whisper. It would show he has run out of ideas, and copying Romero whose zombies get smarter. This storyline also has some potential. I don't see much, but there is some to further develop the characters. 

My theory

As I said, I think it's the second theory. It's people. People who have been living in the wild for all this time and found this way to travel long distances to find food. I think they will also be quite crazy, living in the road and among zombies for long will do this to you. Maybe they live with zombie guts on them permanently.

How it will go down:

I think the group will start attacking the herd, gunning them down and slashing them. When they are almost finished, one of them yells for them to stop (whispers to screams, Issue 134 cover) and one man explains they just killed people in disguise. I could see the survivors becoming villains after this, or have the group live with the guilt of murdering innocents. Both these scenarios sound appealing to me.

That said, I would like Kirkman to surprise me in a good way, and have the whispers be something else, like I don't knwo walkie talkies attached on the walkers to cinfuse them or something, anything I don't know


Thank you all for reading. What is your theory on this matter? Would you stop reading or at least get irritated if it proved to be walkers evolving?