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The Monroe Family Analysis

As we are anxiously waiting for tomorrow's new issue, I thought off making a blog about some charcters I liked. The Monroes.


Kirkman said he picked this surname for this family (as well as Jesus), because in DC more thann 2% of the population have this surname. As we all know, the Monroe family consisted of three members. Douglas , Regina and their son, Spencer .



Douglas was the leader of Alexandria before Rick came, and after Alexander Davidson was exiled. Douglas is an honorable good man, who cares deeply for his people. After Regina's death, he gives Rick command over Alexandria, tired of being the leader, needing time to mourn his wife, and of course recognnising Rick's capabilities. He comes to trust Rick's instincts, as he allows him to remain head of security, even after Rick screws things up with Pete.


Douglas died when Alexandria was ovverrun by walkers, defending Alexandria for one last time. As he was devoured, he accidentally shot Carl, which cost him his eye.

What could have been done differently:

Actually nothing could have been done differently with this character. He was well-developed, and died at the right time for Rick to take over. 

Spencer Monroe


Spencer was a 30 year old spoiled brat. He was his mommy's boy, weak, soft and for some reason believed he should be leader just because his father once was. Among us fans, he is a hated character and has every reason to be. All his life he only learned to care about himself, going as far as to propose to Andrea to lave with him and abandon everyone (even his father). Everyone liked Andrea a bit more when she punched him and broke up with him, as well as negan when he gutted him (admit it guys).


Spencer was gutted by Negan when the former proposed Negan killed Rick and put him in charge. This was one of the first honorable things Negan ever did, and showed some more depth to his character, despite tthe fact that he is susceptible to murder. Spencer's death was as honorless as his life was, he died trying to backstab Rick, as he lived in his shadow ever since Rick arrived in Alexandria.

What could have been done differently:

Nothing actually. We all liked to have some pricks in the story. It shows realism among other things. His death was good too. Maybe the power struggle between him and Rick could have lasted longer.

Regina Monroe


A minor character unfortunately, Regina died soon after she was introduced. She was killed accidentally by Pete Anderson, when she stepped up and demanded he put the knife down. Pete stabbed her in the neck, killing her within seconds. In the series, I'd like to see Maggie Smith as her, she is an awesome character and would be great for the role.


She died by Pete Anderson when he attempted to kill Douglas and she stepped in front of him.

What could have been done differently:

In my opinion, Regina is the only character out of the three who had more potential than wasn't explored due to her early death. Regina should have been seriously wounded in the fight with Pete, and nursed for a long time (until the walls come down). Douglas shoud have killed Pete, and then feel bad about it (thus giving leadership to Rick). She should recover after the attack, and mourn Douglas' death, who died before he knew she could make it. After that, she grows a deep respect for Rick, and keeps Spencer from doing anything stupid, like try to overthrow Rick. With Negan, she agrees with Rickk to submit to him, and when Spencer is killed, she goes after him only to see him gutted. Then she changes her mind completely about negan and agrees with Rick's plan to kill him. Overall, she could be a respectable old woman who gives advice and helps keep the zone together. Also, being stabbed by Pete and having her husband and son killed would develop her a lot.


That's all for now. Please comment on anything and everything you want. Until next time :)

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