Hi all,

don't know if this has been discussed before, but while browsing the wiki I found something that I think is wrong. Since the telltale game is canon to the comic, the Glenn we encounter in the game is the same in the one we meet in the comics right? Why should he have two pages? I say we merge these two and create one page. The page will say though that he was encountered in the game before he left for Atlanta, and then met Rick when on a run. After this his history is known until the point when he gets Lucilled. His status isn't unknown, he is very much dead, also he can't appear in the game again because much time has passed in the game, and Glennhas definitely found Rick and the others by now. And he never left after that to find someone.

Also, even if we decide to keep the two seperate pages, the top part should be removed, because it says "This article is about the character from the Comic Series. You may be looking for his TV SeriesVideo GameSocial Game or Assaultcounterparts. You may also be looking for the crew member.". The thing is, the video game counterpart is the same person.

So what do you think?