Before I begin, I'm gonna warn you that this is going to be a BIG blog. It will have content, thoughts and speculation from all media, so I'd like to hear your thoughs on anything and everything

TV series, episode Inmates

First of all, I gotta say I liked this episode. What stood out to me wasn't Abraham and co (although I love theem in the comic), but Tyreese, Carol and the kids. I am rooting for those people. Tyreese has been one of my favorites since the beginning of this season (thank Mazarra and the season 3 writers for ruining him last season). Carol has the most development out of most characters, I mean she is a completely different person than she was.  hated Lizzie in the beginning, and found her annoying, but after she showed her psychotic nature (and after she saved Tyreese) I love her. She is a character that has depth and is interesting overall. Judith is alive, and I like this difference from the comic. I don't see Judith surviving for long, but I want to see what different they will do with her. 

About Tyreese's injured hand

I have two theories about this, and I hope the second ones applies.

  1. Tyreese was bitten and the Terminus is a trap set by the hunters. Tyreese will then have Dale'scomic death, and the "I'm tainted meat" line. This can be further supported by the fact that Tyreese lost Luke and Molly, so he could have got bitten in that fight. Although this is a good death for a good character, I want Tyreese to live longer and interact with Abraham. That would be very interesting. It is also too soon for him to die, since cashcow has pushed him in the background.In this case too, it will be interesting to see what will happen to Carol and the kids. I don't think this will be the case though, as Lizzie will have Ben's storyline in a way, so she can't be sacrificed in the hunter's arc. Also Tyreese should have some kind of symptoms by the time they met Carol. It was over a day.
  2. Tyreese's injured arm was put there to explain the blood in Judith's crib. I know it was too much blood, but remember that Lori was devoured whole, and it makes sense that Tyreese filled the crib with blood as he carried Judith away. I hope this is the case.

The Terminus

Two theories for this one as well.

  1. The first theory is that the terminus is a trap from the hunters as I said. I said above what will happen in this case. Why I don't think this will be the case? Because they should have encountered the hunters in these months if their encampment is within walking distance. Not to mention that it will be too soon to bring another enemy. The hunters must be introduced in the two final episodes of the season in my opinion.
  2. The terminus is a sanctuary set up by Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. This is the most likely scenario, because it can explain how they all find each other, and Abraham would do something like this. He needs people to help him reach DC, so promising them sanctuary is the best way to find some. We heard him in the promo sayying that he needs as many peole as possible. Also, Abraham in charge is the way to keep Tara around. Abraham will force the others to keep her, as he needs her and doesn't care about the prison assault (he wasn't there and it didn't affect him). I expect Abraham and Rick to clash for leadership.


Enough about the tv series, we got new covers for after all out war and boy,  aren't they great? As always, two theories about what the comic means:

First theory: The people in the cover are Negan's men

The first theory, and the one I believe is that the covers are a troll move, and it will show some of Negan's men narrating how they came to serve after him. Maybe then Rick will understand what they went through and the saviors will become a part of the communities (after they release negan's wives, kill any remaining negan supporters and maybe join Dwight during the war, thus helping bring Negan down). If these things happen, I can see Rick sparing these remaining saviors, as he won't be looking for war anymore. Why I think this may happen:

  1. Kirkman wouldn't kill the entire cast, or even both Carl and Rick. Lots of people are invested in these two, and they have been following their adventures for ten years. Killing them both suddenly would be a big fuck you inthe fans faces. Kirkman is a troll, but he is not disrespectful to his readers, not does he make so risky moves.
  2. The issue is 48 pages long. Why would it be so big if a new story was beginning? Kirkman would take his time. But since it is twice the size of a regular issue, I'd say Kirkman will tell a story that he doesn't want to last longer than one issue. Hell, maybe it will be the story of some form of surviving government, and that will be the new world. But it is not something that will last for long.
  3. What about the tv series? What will happen to it when it reaches the end of All out war? Will it end like Rick's story in the comic, or are they going to write freely from there on afterwards?

Second Theory: Rick and co all die (or most), Negan wins the war and we follow a new group

To be honest, I'd love this to happen, and so would many other fans as I have read. There are many reasons for this, which I am going to list:

  1. The story will get back to the basics (probably). A group struggling to survive, normal, everyday people trying to cope with the new situation. Rick's story has come too far from this. Almost everyone has adapted to the new situation, if they win the war the walls will keep protecting them for ever from the walkers, and even if they have to face them againn, thwy have Michonne, jesus, Andrea, Ezekiel and even Carl to take care of as many walkers as they need. The walkers aren't a problem for them anymore, and if they get past Negan, neither will be survival.
  2. Rick's group also lacks character development. Who was the last last  person you rooted for? For me personally it was father Gabriel. Until of course Kirkman decided he had nothing to do with him and made him talk trash of Rick, wwhich was completely out of character. I think that Gabriel will either betray Rick to Negan, or die to increase thhe fatality of the war. I am surprised he didn't die in the grenade attack. Eugene on the other hand, is the only one who has had a decent development. He makes bullets and has a crush on Rosita. Oh, who is Rosita? She hasn't done anythig in a long time, she is remmbered as the one Abraham cheated on. The Alexandrians are also very shallow characters in my opinion. Kirkman made a mistake to kill all the intresting ones. He killed Morgan, The Monroe family (all of them were interesting), Pete, Jessie and Ron. I mean, they were a rich family forced to live with a few things, regina could become an elderly dynamic woman, Douglas was a spoiled brat at 28 years old, Jessie was an abused wife, and Morgan.. well, Morgan was Morgan. They were ALL interesting. They could all develop more. And what do we have about the remaining alexandrians? The fat woman who opens the gate? Or heath, who has lost a friend, then engaged in a relationship, lost her too, lost a leg, blah blah blah... And Aaron lost his boyfriend blah blah blah. Ok, maybe Aaron is a little interesting, but not as much as the others. Jesus is also an ok character, but what exactly has he done? Does he have any flaws? Can you think of any flaws he has? Do we really know this guy? I don't think we do. He hasn't even told us how he knows all these martial arts. Don't get me started on joke Ezekiel, thefct that Morgan had to die so that this guy could become Michonne's love interest gets on my nerves. Then I think that he is "king", and I want him to die and pretend that he and his stupid tiger never existed.
  3. Compare the story in Alexandria with the story at the prison. If you think I am becoming bitter, think about the prison. Carol committed suicide, Tyreese cheated on her, we had a murderer among the group, Dale and Andrea adopted Ben and Billy, we learned more about characters (like Tyreese being a football player), Glenn married Maggie, hershel saw his beheaded zombified daughters, Dale lost a leg, he was jealous of Andrea., Billy had sex for the first time with Carol. There are way more themes there than Alexandria. We have Amputation,love triangle, cheating, murder, betrayal, marriage, adoption, jealousy, loss, character background, suicide and many more. What exactly do we have in Alexandria? LOSS. Everyone loses someone and they are sad for a while. That's all the character development we have got. It doesn't work anymore. The story should be reset and have new themes to explore. 


I know this has been a huge blog, and touches so many subjects it could have easily been two or three seperate blogs, but I wouldn't like it. Thank you for your time if you read it all, and please comment on anything. Your commentts will be respected (Well, mostly :P). looking forward to any feedback