Well, there are minor spoilers in the following, so read at your own risk.

Ok, Here goes. From what we know, there have been castings for Rosita, Eugene and Abraham for the second part of the season. This means that most probably the prison will fall by the mid-season finale. So, considering that Rick is safe (obviously) and Daryl is money-maker (so he is by 90% safe as well), if Tyreese survives the mid-season finale, this will make the badass four together at the same time. I think Tyreese will survive, because he is a fan favorite and he has only been around for half season, so if they kill him by the mid-season he will have lived for just one season and he will be with the group for half. I think it won't be enough for him to develop. So I think there is no other option than to have all together at the same time. I like this idea, because let's not forget that Andrea is not with them, as she was in the comic, and Tyreese is horrible at shooting. So I don't think they will be too powerful for the world. It's the zombie apocalypse, you are never too strong for it. Also, I would like to see some interactions between these people, I have always wondered what would be the relationship between Abraham and Tyreese. 

What do you guys think? Will it be much for their opponents to handle? Is it going to be too much of strength in the group? Comment below!!