Salutations everyone!!


Well, what a day it was!! What a great issue!!

First of all, I want to say that this isn't a review for issue 123, it's rather an updated prediction blog for what to expect next. I also want to say that I have put a lot of time and effort in this one, I have a few theories that no one has ever thought about, so I hope you like it. Soooo, let's go!!!

The most important thing that happened

Now, y'all think I'm gonna say about Rick getting shot, right? Fucking no. Something more important was revealed in this issue. In the letter hacks section, Kirkman revealed that they may not return to monthly issues. Two issues a month for ever. How awesome would that be? I'm sure that with a little more pressure, Kirkman will make i official. Make it happen people!!!

The second most important thing that happened

Carl and Sophia had a fight!! No, I'm joking, that's not the second most important thing that happened. RICK GOT SHOT. With a fucking poisonous bolt. Probably. Well, as I see it, there are four different possibilities.

1) The bolt was not poisoned. If the bolt wasn't poisoned, there are two outcomes

  • Rick survives, as the bolt seemed to miss all vital organs. Dwight couldn't have done otherwise, so he shot Rick in a spot where he wouldn't kill him.
  • Rick dies, despite the bolt not being poisoned. I could totally see in the next episode revealing that the bolt wasn't poisoned, and Rick getting up and return to war, only to have him die in 125 from internal bleeding. That would be Kirkman's greatest trolling ever, one I would laugh for days. Of course I would be left speechless too

2) The second case is that the bolt is poisoned. Now, you would say that if the bolt is poisoned, Rick is a goner for sure, right? i don't think so. Again, there are two possibilities:

  • Rick is a goner. He gets infected and dies, making Negan's plan successful. Nothing else to say here.
  • The infection doesn't spread with body fluids, and Rick survives. Maybe he gets a minor infection and sweat (as shown in a future cover), but overcomes it. You may say this scenario will be out of the blue and will be a cheap way to save rick, but this is not true. The fact that the infection doesn't spread with body fluids was introduced when the governor kissed his undead daughter (Penny) in the mouth, right after he had taken out her teeth and her mouth was full of blood. He didn't get a fever and didn't die. However, another theory suggests that the virus spreads like the HIV virus (HIV doesn't spread with saliva or blood, unless both people have cuts in their mouths. In other words, the governor didn't get infected when he kissed Penny because the infected bllod from Penny's mouth didn't enter his bloodstream. In Rick's case though, the infected arrow did. As a result, in this case Rick dies.

P.S. How awesome would it be if the zombie virus proved to be a different kind of Aids virus? It would make realistic why it spread to the whole world (as there are many aids carriers all around the world), and the carriers would bee sick for up to ten years before they died and came back, infecting the whole world). Sound slike a good idea to me, but whaatever, let's continue with predictions.

The war has taken a toll on all of us

When we first saw the description "The war has taken a toll", the toll was clearly referring to Alexandria. So, my guess is, what if the pattern continues the same? In the next issue, the description says "the war has taken a toll on all of us". Could the toll here be another safe-zone too? Could it be the hilltop colony? Not impossible at all. Maybe the hilltop will fall as well in the next issue. Maybe Negan will even reveal to them that he sent others to burn down the kingdom as well. Furthermore, in the cover of issue 124, we see some people on the walls of the hilltop.

I have no idea why people think this is Kal and Eduardo, but I can see both them and Negan celebrating (their hands and weapons are in the air), as if they have won a battle.  Could they be Negan's men who have driven Rick's army from the kingdom (or even slaughtered them). To further support this theory, in the cover of Issues 125, Negan and the saviors are seen laughing, while Jesus and Andrea are seen fighting zombies. Could this mean that the whole battle has attracted a herd, and Negan laughs behind his safe Hilltop walls, while Andrea and the others are forced to fight the herd? It is possible

New characters

Rick says in this issue, that he wants to rebuild Alexandria, which he called home. I think that to honor him, the alexandria residents will rebuild it in his memory. That's why I believe it will take us a lot of issues until rebuilding is complete, and I think we are going to follow another group during these boring times

Dwight's loyalty

I think Dwight is loyal to himself and onnly himself. He wants Negan dead because he stole his girlfriend, not because he is a bad person. Dwight couldn't give less fucks about whether Negan is bad or good. If they got along, Dwight would be happy. He shot Rick to save himself and keep him alive, at least for the time being. I think many more are going to join the rebel-saviors ranks. They all know how unstable Negan is and how he doesn't give a shit about them. I think the figure holding Lucille is a metaphor, it symbolizes all those who stood up against Negan and brought his end.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed. What do you think> What are your predictions? Let us know, trust me we want to her it!!!