Ok, I know this blog has been done time aftr time, but you can never grow tired of predictions, right?

Now, to the point. What do you all expect from the war? A few major deaths (michonne or Jesus), a few important deaths (Aaron or Eric or Heath), heavy casualties from every good community (Alexandria, Hilltop and the kingdom), and all the Saviors dead, including Negan. Is that right?

Well, I believe something different is going to happen, and Kirkman knows better than to do the expected. I think Negan will win the war. Yes, you heard right, Negan will win, he will kill all the people capable of fight from the kingdom and Hilltop, and then he will offer the alexandrians a chance to survive by handing him Rick, or the alexandrians, seeing they have no hope of winning the war, will flee the community and once more the group will be out on the streets. 

How Negan will win the war:

1) i think he has more communities under his control, menaing more people who will fight for him if he promises to reduce the percentage of supplies he takes from them.

2) His men are well trained, and maybe he has a weapon like a small missile he will bomb a community with (maybe the kingdom)

3) He will take Gregory from the Hilltop with him. Gregory, if I recall correctly, has a thing for women, so maybe negan will convince him to become his follower and betray Jesus, and in exchange Gregory can do with the women of his community what Negan does with the women of his. Then Gregory will round jesus and his men and he will shoot them when they least expect it. Jesus I think will survive though and take Maggie and Sophia outisde the Hilltop.

Civilization will rebuild, it will be Negan's civilization, who will actually have the whole washington under his command, and the group will once more be on the road, chased away from alexandria looking for shelter somewhere else, maybe promising to one day return and take revenge on the saviors.

The reason i believe this, is because I just can't see Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom winning this war. The world would then be too safe for the series to remain interesting. What greater danger could come after them next? I can't see anything worse than negan in control of the three communities. 

Also, I would like to see the group returning to retake the prison, but this is impossible, they will try to find shelter somewhere far for sure (to be safe from Negan, but they won't return to the prison

What do you think?