Well, to hell with this. There hasn't been a master blog for this episode, and even if there has been, nobody respected it and it got lost. Three or four seperate blogs have been created, and the blog feed seems to be screwed, but what the hell, let me add to that and make things unbearable :P

So, here goes:

The name of the episode is "Still", which I think refers to the story development. That's right, thee progress of the story stood still,  so that we could see the cashcow  and the most overrated character run throgh the woods and eat snakes. Don't get me wrong, there were a few good things about this show, I even liked Daryl for a while, but overall it was utter garbage and I didn't like it at all.

Forst of all, we can all agree this episode was pure filler. Nothing was explored, and what happened here in one hour could easily happen in 10-15 minutes of anoother episode. The last time they showed these two, they didn't do anything special that time either, so they could only spend half an episode on these two so far, instead of one and a half. And it seems  they will still be in the next episode. Holy Jesus and Alex....

Well, Beth wanted a drink. That's ok. We saw her being a teenager for the first time. Not that we felt anything for her. But it was an improvement from the zero development she had in the last two years. But, this could have been covered in 5 minutes tops. Didn't need to take up one fucking whole episode. Get drunk already and keep going. 

I'm sure most of you have noticed Emily Kinney's horrific horrible disgusting useless suck sucking suckety acting. I mean come on. Beth would have been a good secndary character if  Kinney had some emotion. The girl lost her father, believes she will never see her sister again, is stuck with Dickson and yet she hasn't made us feel sorry for her. I believe the whole "We don't cry anymore" storyline was invented to cover for her sucking acting. Let me ask a question. Why don't they take up half the time of Beth's screentime, and show us other characters. Or even better, take up half the time of Beth and Daryl's "storyline", and show us where the hell Janette is, or have some people from woodbury run before dying. That would be a much better filler.

Another thing I don't understand, is the double standards writers and prroducers treat the characters. I bet Emily Kinney has some powerful connections with AMC, or I can't understand why they struggle to make Beth a main character, while other secondaries with promise haave been set in the background. 

Did anyone understand the purpose of the first 20 minutes? Ok, as silly as it is, the second half was to give Beth some story (she wanted to have a drink, or something uninteresting which I'm  eager to forget), but what exactly was the point of them showing us Beth getting anew shirt just to have it get dirty moments later? To show Daryl was a dick? It showed them in other ways, and Beth's shirt was going to get dirty anyway. What was the purpose of the "Rich Bitch"? Unless they make it the season's webisodes, the first half was atotal waste. I am prepared to take this back though if I see some webisodes based on this though.

In the end, Beth and Daryl set the house on fire adn flee. In the middle of the fucking night. In the middle of nowhere. Just because some dead-brain teenage girly told you to set something on fire, yoou do it. Daryl must be brilliant. They woud spend another day at the forest, surrounded by zombies, and not insde the walls of that building. Brilliant Daryl.... Brilliant....

Also, didn't they think that any supplies in there would be burned as well? Maybe  in the future another survivor would pass from there. Why not leave the fucking house alone, and help the poor fella that may possible seek refuge there?

And what about forest fires? The house was inside the damn forest. Setting it on fire most probably set the forest on fire as wel;. I know this is the fucking apocalypse people, but forests are still our friends. We don't burn them, unless they take a shitload of zombies down with them. In reality, the fire Daryl and Beth set could easily catch up to them and devour them

Besides the negatives of the episode, there were some good points too. Daryl's charcter development was good, and I felt for him.  That part was decent enough. Can't think of anything else though. The fact that I liked Daryl compared to others, looks like the episode was total garbage to me. Let's hope we will never see another episode like this again, and that we will move to other, more interesting groups (Abraham, Glenn and Tara, Rick and Michonne, Tyreese, Carol and the children). Even Maggie, Sasha and Bob are more interesting than them at thee moment. So yeah, stop stealing their screentime.

Overall, I would give the show:

Acting: 3/10 (2.5/10 for Daryl, and 0.5 for Beth)

Character development: 2/10 (0 for Beth, as she is a bad character adn she doesn't grow on us, and 2 for Daryl, who did well, but it's his time to go and stop stealing time from Tyreese and Abraham)

Plot: 0/10 (The plot didn't go forward at all.

Interesting: 1/10 (Jut because it is still walking dead, nomatter what)

So that's all for me. Sofrry for the long and repetitive blog, but no hard feelings. what do you think?