Robert Kirkman and jay Bonansinga will team up once more to bring us four new installments in the novel series. The first novel of the quadralogy will be released on october and will feature Lilly Caul as she returns to woodbury and attempts to rebuild it. 

Looks like Kirkman loves Lilly a lot. Too bad Telltale screwed thee whole game thing and they were forced to make another Lilly Caul, as we would have a complete character with the whole background.

Are you excited about these news or disapponted?

Would you like the new novels to feature something else like Negan's backstory or something, or are you excited about more Lilly Caul?

I, for one, like the idea of new novels. Even if they end up being awful, (which I doubt) I can just not read them. And Although i would like to see a totally new group (for a few crossovers), I like Lilly a lot and like the prospect of investigating her story even more.