Well, first of all, i gotta warn you, i thoguht they were horrible and highly unrealistic. If you are offended by this don't read the following. Here it goes:

First of all, Karina cried over a dead body, instead of trying to go away. Then, she decided to kill herself when she thought Paul died. Why? Did she knew these people for so long that she grew so attached to them? No. No way. Rick is still in a coma somewhere in the hospital. She couldn't have that much time.

Secondly, the doctor's theory sounded kind of stupid, not to mention unrealistic. As I said, Rick was still in the coma, how many people did she see killing each other over some vegetables? Not enough to lose hope in humanity I think. Also, what choice did she give paul? She said her thing was to give people a choice on how to end things. Well, she just threw Paul inside a room full of walkers without even asking him.

Another thing about the doctor, I 'm getting pretty tired of seeing people encountering all types of unrealistic lunatics. It was fun at first but getting kind of tiring by now. Can the next webisodes be about people going to the overrun prison and fight a few zombies, the end, please? I'd love to see how the prison would be after it gets overrun, so this would be a great crossover for next year.

Also, didn't the walkers seem a little dumb here? It was a camp, they were just walking and a few meters further a woman was crying in sobs. Well, no walker listened to her enough to attack her. The same with the  room. Gale pushes a bed inside, makes a lot of noise, then Paul throws the bed on the side, uncuffs himself (how exactly?) and kills a few zombies while the rest just chill a bit further away.

Last but not least, gale must be stupid enough to not notice a bed in front of a room (Rick's room). Or maybe she took care of him while he was in the coma to let him choose how he dies when he wakes up. Expect everything from this show.

Well, for me, add this as well as season 3 to the things that I will forget ever happened in this series. Thank god it's easier with this.

Please cooment on anything you like