Ok, first of all, we all know there are going to be many blogs like this, and frankly there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. Personally, I don't even want something to be done, such a great episode deserves many blogs. I'm going to analyse the episode scene by scene. So:

1) The governor's speech to the woodbury army version 2.0 (You don't mind me calling them this, do you?). That was, well at least bad. Not from the writers or the directors' part, but from the characters'. So one guy you don't know says "Trust me they are bad people, trust me they got walls and food, trust me lets go and kill them all. Let us be the bad guys". And they all respond "Yeah, I'm in", "Sure", etc. Well, the bad  thing about these brain dead people is, that they aare extremely realistic. Aren't we all surrounded by people woith less brain cells than a walker? There are everyday people who would believe the governor without questioning him, as long as their interests are aligned with what the madman (and possibly bloodthirsty and dictator) says. I have seen quite a few myself, I bet we most have. Man I was glad they died. If a zombie apocalypse means people like them die, then apocalypse it is. 

Lilly: Well she has a few brain cells more than the rest of the woodburians v2, given the fact that she doubted the governor for a few seconds. However, it is more than obvious that they are going to make a new andrea with her, but unfortunately they are making another tv andrea and not a comic one. First of all, her face resembles andrea a bit (or is it just me?). Secondly, she has done all the stupid things Andrea has. Therdly, she will definitely join Rick's group. I bet Michonne is going to find her and take her with, and in her face, make up for leaving Andrea in woodbury.

Daryl finding out about Carol. This was a scene that reminded me how awesome a character Daryl would have been if not for his fan club, and his divine powers as a result (gonna come back to this later)

Mutilated rat: Looks like the "Lizzie is the killer" plot is right back on track. I think she is, and that Carol actually helped her burn the bodies and covered up for her. Definitely something Carol would do, especially after all the guilt she would feel because she taught her to use knives. Also, keep in mind that when Lizzie called her mom, Carol said Dont call me that. I think she said this because she was disgusted at what she did, and not because she didn't want to grow attached to them. Definitely going to see a Ben and Billy situation with her in the future.

Megan's death: Ding dong, the little witch is dead!!! Such a horrible character, hated her a lot, don't know why, but she was extremely boring and badly acted. Not to mention her death upset the governor, and I wanted to see that motherfucker lose his daughter again before he died. His suffering was my pleasure.

Rick's speech to the woodburians v2: Well, if not the best, definitely one of the best moments of the walking dead. Rick has come back guys. Rick is a good man again. Nothing reminds of the Ricktator he used to be. Hershel saw a true leader in him, a moral compass like he was. Before he died, Hershel knew that the group wouldn't lose its humanity. He knew his daughters were in safe hands, and that was a win for him. Unfortunately, Rick was interrupted by Mitch the Bitch, one of the most awful characters in the walking dead. I loved his actor from Fringe, where he was awesome, but here i may have wanted him more dead than the governor himself. This speech also proved that a walker has more brain cells than all the woodburians v2 combined. Just kill these people already.

Hershel's decapitation: Not much to say. We all felt it. Words are needless.

Lilly showing up with the dead witch, sorry, I meant Meghan: Suck it up motherfucker gvenor!!! Lose everything before you die. Hope it hurt a lot. Irony how he told Hershel before that his daughters were not his, but Hershel died leaving his daughters behind, while the governor lost his daughter once more. I felt really good when this happened. The fact that he put her dow also showed that he had matured and really understood that Penny was dead when Michonne killed her. With Meghan dead, the governor didn't care about having the prison intact. So the tank moves on, and the lobotomised woodburians v2 don't care about destroying the prison, nor where they are going to live after this, they jst want to kill people who they didn't know before, because someone they didn't know before told them. Oh well......

Daryl: Overall, I enjoyed him this episode. BUT, he still killed more woodburians than the rest of the team combined (at least that's what they showed us, and the scene where he used the walker as a shield was tooootally ridiculous. Damn you fangirls, if it wasn't for you he would be the second sacrifice for the assault. But no, he is untouchable. The reasons why the scene was stupid don't need explaining I guess, nobody shot him in the legs, he could hold a whole walker (60-70 kilos) with one hand while throwing a grenade with the other, and just a scene later, Bob had an exit would, while a rotten corpse wasn't penetrated at all by 10-20 bulets that hit it. Ok writers, seriously now......

Lizzie killing two woodburians: Yeah, go at it girl. Shhot that bitch in cold blood. Psychokiller or not, I like Lizzie a lot more now.  When she killed those two  wanted to shout "Let none survive" in Grom Hellscream's voice (warcraft 3 players will know). On the bad side, Judith wasn't there with them. We'll get to that later. luke and the other girl also ran first back, so i hope Tyreese didn't abandon those two and ran off with Lizzie and Mika (Luke is one of my favorites, and don't want him to die). Also, Lizzie saved Tyreese's life, and he may later forgive her for killing Karen (now I'm sure Lizzie is the murderer)

Rick vs the governor: Well, both of them have been unbeatable in hand to hand combat since now, so I wondered who would lose. Rick it was. Of course, since he was shot at the leg, but the governor was shot in the hand (even the writers forgot about it, I'm sure). Anyway, we had the walker shield scene, we can put up with one handed gvernor beating the shit out of Rick. But then, Michonne appears!! And she stabs the hell out of the governor. Go Michonne!! Ever since the start, I wanted Michonne to be the one to kill him, but even since Lilly was introduced, I knew she would be the one to kill him. By the way, where was she? She escaped and even killed a woodburian (v2). Didn't she take his rifle? Couldn't she shoot the governor's army from behind? I guess she left quickly and only came out when the rifles surged forward and the governor was vulnerable. Rick runs ahead to look for Carl and judith, while Michonne looks at the governor, and decides to leave him for the walkers. A suitable death if you ask me, but I'd rather if she poked his other eye before she left and then leave him. Seriously.

After that, we see mitch the bitch shooting at the bridge . A figure is seen running away, so maybe that figure is carrying judith (her basket was found by  rick and Carl under the bridge(or balcony, don't know what it is). Then Daryl appears out of nowhere, kills a walker in a fashionable way (typical Daryl, opening human skulls as if they are butter), and then throws a grenade in the tank. Then Mitch the bitch comes out, and Daryl executes him on spot. The tank scene was awesome, and had Daryl not done the walker shield scene or the fancy killing, it would be great for him. Now it's too much. Anyway Daryl, why shoot the motherfucker in the heart? He had legs, which if shot at, he would be unable to escape the walkers, who would tear him apart. Why grant him a peaceful death? Beth then joins him, and the two fan favorites head out together. I guess the duo kicking zombie ass side by side is going to give the fans many orgasms. We'll see about it in February.

Walker style Rick appears, searching for Carl. Alone. Where the hell is Michonne? Did he leave her behind? My guess is she went to get the horse, and will save Lilly on the way back. Rick finds Carl, and the two find judith's crib all bloodied. My guess is the kids left her there but she died until they got back. Tyreese will explain more after the mid season I guess. Honestly, I think judith is a goner. The bloodied crib was the writers' way of showing us she died. They couldn't show any insides, because hey, it's just a baby. Also remember that Lori's corpse was eaten whole, so they can get away with a child's death by showing a little blood. Edit from before, Judith's crib wasn't found under  the balcony so maybe the figure didn't carry her.

We are not done with the governor yet, as the stupid bitch and the witch's mother still has something for him. Instead of leaving him for the walkers to eat, she saves him the anguish of being devoured alive and turning, so she puts him out of his misery. He forgot to say thank you, because you did him good you idiot. he was going to suffer and you took it away.Thanks again. 

In the next scene we see a Lori walker approaching. Guys seriously, they look alike too much!!!

Rick and Carl are then seen eaving a ruined prison as walkers get in from all directions.

Trivia: What happened to Hershel's head? Did it get eaten, put down or reanimated and bites the air?

Unfinished business: Lilly and Tara are still alive. I fear they will join the group, but I just want them to die a slow and painful death. Aftet they begin to get over Meghan's (the witch's) death, which I hope hurts a lot. Stupidity is something that gets you in trouble girls

How did they all get seperated? At least Michonne should have sticked with Rick. They were only a few yards apart. I get we want to see the comic where Rick and Carl are alone, but still....

Anyway, that's all. Hope you enjoyed my review, and had the courage to read it all. Any comments are always welcome