Ok, I know everyone has done their share of predictions, but it 's nevr ennough, right? Well, let's get on with this:

1) I think Carl is way too proud to let Heath, Nicholas or anyone else die for him. Eugene of course won't give him to Negan, but Carl would go on his own. 

2)Jesus must be close to the Alexandria. Wasn't Aaron inside Alexandria a while ago, and Jesus with Rick? This means the outpost is close nearby.

3) About what Rick saw in the end of the chapter, I have two theories.

  1. He saw Carl surrender.
  2. He saw a herd approaching. This could be realistic, given the amount of gunfire that was shot a while ago. It would definitely draw some attention.

4)Jesus may have seen the same herd, in case it was close, or he saw the saviors in Alexandria (as I said it must be somewhere close). Then he may go to their aid. Of course alone he won't kill all of them, but with Aaron and the safe zone citizens shooting from the walls, he will be more than capable to drive the saviors back. Especially if there is a herd coming too, the saviors will definitely retreat.

So, i think Jesus somehow understood something is wrong in Alexandria (maybe he is close as I said) and will go to their aid. Negan will face Jesus and Aaron and will retreat (possibly a herd too), taking Carl with him since the latter will surrender himself on the grounds that negan lets the others go.

I think then Negan will kill everyone he has ironed before, since they can all be traitors, maybe except Dwight, because he is close to him.

Andrea is safe for now, but unfortunately she may die during the war. I think the fact that she survived is a classic ay of trolling us, she is saved now but dies a few issues later when we least expect it.

Oh yes, and Gregory will definitely betray the hilltop, since Negan will promise him his own Harem if he joins him. The guy only cares about his own ass and is a creep.

Oh, and it would be great if Negan assured Rickk that Carl is sound and safe,  and Negan will just keep him in exchange for Rick's loyalty, and in the end it is revealed that Negan brutally killed Carl at the moment they returned from Alexandria. But it's unlikely though, i 'd say impossible