Ok, first of all, I don't know if this is considered fan fiction, maybe it is, but I just wanted to share this with you. In my head, it seems awesome. Not gonna happen though, since lots of characters die in this scenario. But, it's everyone's right to dream, right? Short notice, it's going to be a long post, but in my opinion totally worth it.


First off, in the next episode we meet Martinez's group, which consists of several capable fighting folks, and a few uncapable, such as elderly and children. The situation is going from bad to worse there, maybe due to the ilness (we saw it in several walkers, it is possible that someone from their group caught it. The leader of the group is a moral person, and the governor tells them about the prison, where there is shelter and possibly medicine for the sick, but they won't just accept them, because they are bad people. The leader rejects the governor's suggestion and says they haven't lost their humanity yet. Then, Philip realises megan has also caught the flu, and someone else explains how they die. The governor realises that her only chance is the prison, and the other guy says he lost his daughter to the disease. Philip manipulates him into forming a coup against the moral leader, and with the help of others (martinez, shumpert,Lilly, Tara and other desperate people who have sick people in their families, they overthrow and maybe kill the leader. Then they decide to assault the prison, for the sake of their sick family members, or maybe because some are too selfish and don't care killing others.

Prison assault episode:

Lilly is still not comfortable with everything that has been done, (and is about to be done), and Philip says he admires her humanity, but this has to be done for Megan. Lilly says nothing. Then, they position the camp with the elderly and the kids (megan among them) behind them, away from the prison, in order to keep them safe. Now the assault group stands in front of the prison, with the unarmed people far behind them. Hershel and Michonne suddenly come out, carrying the corpses at the back of the truck, and Martinez and the others capture them. Philip orders them to kill them, but Lilly objects and says this isn't necessary. Philip agrees, hoping to torture Michonne when all this is over, and says he will use Hershel to make the group surrender peacefully. He tells Lilly that she doesn't have to be a part of this, and she can stand back and guard michonne. Lilly agrees, as she isn't nor a good shot, neither does she want to kill.

Lilly stays behind with a handcuffed Michonne, but still doesn't fell well for the battle. Michonne can read her, and can tell she is an innocent person who doesn't want to fight. Lily is the firstto start talking, and asks what they did to brian. Michonne calls her an idiot for trusting him, and says his name is Philip. She also wonders what else he lied to her about.

In front of the prison, Philip has hershel on his feet and is holding Michonne's katana. Martinez blows the watch tower, but no one was inside.  The Governor yells for Rick to come out and demands they surrender. He says nobody will be harmed if they leave quietly. Rick asks about Michonne, and Philip says she is his, and won't negotiate over her. Maggie then shoots and kills someone from Philip's group, and they hide. Tara says why he said what he said about Michonne, and Philip replies she won't get away with what she did to him. His men start shooting at Maggie, forcing her to hide. Philip comes out once more, not afraid of the sniper anymore, and grabs Michonne's katana. "if that's how you want it, then this is how it's going to be done", he says. Rick, Maggie, Glenn and the other watch from the distance as Hershel gets decapitated. A few stokes later, The governor grabs Hershel's head and throws it ahead. The battle starts, as the prison group have taken their weapons and shoot at the governor's men. Tara is shocked by what she just witnessed, and points her weapon at Philip. he tells her to pull her shit together, and that they can't go back now. He says if the prison group wins, they will kill her, her sister and her niece, and they will enjoy doing so. Tara lowers her weapon.

Meanwhile, Michonne has already explained what the Governor has done in the past. Lilly knew something was off about him, but still doesn't know who to believe.Michonne says she once had a friend who trusted the governor, and when she found out whaat he was, he locked her in a cell with a walker. Tears come to her eyes. "I trust you", Lilly says. "You are saying the truth. But he proved to be a good man too. I can't let you go". Michonne gets angry over this, and says er foolishness will be both their undoing. Back in the prison, Rick gives instructions to everyone to shoot a few rounds then take cover. Maggie is leaning against the wall,  crying over her father's death, while Glenn tries to comfort her. He says she must fight now and cry later. He reminds her that Beth is still in the adjacent cell block with Judith and if they stay unprotected they will be captured by the governor. Maggie wipes her tears and grabs her sniper. Glenn picks up a rifle too, and they both start shooting. Somewhere nearby there, Rick says they are doing fine. Tyreese says he wastes bullets by shooting, since he sin't a good shot, contrary to Sasha, who has killed three people already. Tyreese says Carl and the other children are still in another cell block, due to the illness, and that he can go bring them. Daryl offers to go bring Beth and Judith, who stay in a room by themselves. Rick wants to be the one to go bring his children there, but Tyreese and Daryl object, and say they are there to take care of each other. Rick thanks them both and tells them to be careful. Daryl asks about Carol, adn Rick says she isn't in the prison, and is safer than they are at the moment. Daryl and Tyreese leave, and Rick, Glenn, Sasha and Maggie continue shooting.Back in the Governor's group, his forces are getting shortened with every passing minute. Martinez goes to him and says half of the men have been killed, because the prison group holds the high ground. Tara says what they are doing is mad, and says she won't be a part of it anymore. The governor then coldly shoots her in the head. "Bring the tank", he orders after.

Inside the prison, the group is shocked to see a tank heading their way. In a matter of seconds, the fence is down and the tank continues upwards. "Get back now", Rick yells. Seconds later, the tank shoots at them, bringing down the whole wall in front of them. Rick wakes up as his ears buzz, and feels dizzy. he takes a look around, and sees Maggie and Glenn standing up. He catches his head as he starts coming back to his senses, and notices Sasha lies besides him, blood covering her head. Maggie runs to her side and checks her pulse. "She is alive", she says. Glenn helps Rick stand up, who has hurt his back. "We were lucky you told us to back off from that wall, man", Glenn said. "Had we been closer, we would...". "Not the time, Glenn", Rick cut him. Maggie helped Sasha get up, who starts waking up and can barely walk.Rick lets go of Glenn and walks in the front. Another explosion is heard. Rick looks outside and sees the cel block where Beth and Judith was exploded.

"Nooo", he yells as he faces out of the window. Glenn then pushes him down. "Get your head down", he says. "Daryl is heading there. If the girls are alive, he will bring them back". Rick tries to think positively. "The prison is destroyed. It is no good anymore. We should leave". Glenn nods.

The Governor, Martinez, Shumpert and to more soldiers come out of the tank. "Martinez, Shumpert, go check over there", he says as he points the cell block where Beth and judith are. "You two, follow me", he says as he heads to where Rick and the others are.

Meanwhile, back where Michonne and Lilly are, nothing can be seen from the battle, and only gunshots and explosions are heard. Suddenly, Walkers come out of the woods, from the direction the elderly and children were. Lilly is shocked and starts shooting, while Michonne pleads with her to let her go. Lilly hesitates, and Michonne says it's not about believing her or not, but about whether she will let her be eaten alive. "Will you help me save my daughter?", Lilly asked. "Let me go and I will", Michonne replied. Lilly took out a knife and cut Michonne's bonds. The two then proceeded to the front where the fight was held.

Martinez and Shumpert are inside the destroyed cell block, and there is total darkness. Suddenly a voice is heard. "Do you realize you just killed an infant and a seventeen year old girl?, the voice said. "Who is this?", Martinez asked. "You even had children before this", the voice said. "Merle's brother", Martinez realized. An arrow then pierced through his heart, and he fell on the floor, gasping for air. "It's just you and me, crossbow guy", he said in anger. "Let's see who is quicker". Shumpert remained silent and just grabbed his crossbow harder.

Rick and the others met Tyreese and the children. Bob Stookey was with them the whole time. "Dad", Carl said as soon as he saw his father. They were now at the back of the prison. "Where 's Judith?", Carl asked. "Hershel, Beth, Michonne, Daryl?", he asked as tears came out of his eyes. "Daryl is going to bring Beth and Judoth here", he calmed him, not revealing anything about the explosion. "Hershel and Michonne..", he started but stopped. Carl hugged his father and started crying. Bob was also upset over this and was seen wiping some tears off his face. Maggie also started crying, as the images of her decapitated father came back to her mind. "We will cry later", Rick said. For now we wait for Daryl and leave this place. The fences, the walls, it's all destroyed. Lots of walkers will be coming this way too, I bet. All these gunshots and explosions will be heard for miles.

In the meantime, Daryl is seen retrieving a bolt out of Shumpert's head. He then runs to the back of the prison to find Rick and the others, and bring them the bad news.

Philip and the other two men chased after Rick and his group. "There they are, Philip said as he saw the group standing there. The three men picked up their rifles and started shooting. The group immediatelly fell down, and tried to take cover in the nearby walls. "I'm low on ammo", Maggie shouted. Rick was low on ammo too. He tried to check, but he fell on the side. He was shot on the side of his stomach. "Dad", Carl said as he pressed the wound. "I 'm gonna be ok", Rick said, sweating. "We got another proble here", Tyreese said too. Rick turned around to look. Bob was unconsious and covered with blood. "He is dead", Sasha said. "Damn it", Rick said. "We are low on ammo", Rick said. "We must make a run for it". "What about Judith?", Carl asked. "Daryl will take care of her and Beth. We must trust each other, he will make it". Thaty moment, one of the Governor's men started shooting. He stopped as a bolt passed through him. Rick and the others turned to see Daryl peeking around a corner.

"Run", Daryl said quietly enough to be heard only from Rick and the others. Tyreese held Sasha, while Maggie and Glenn held Rick. Carl grabbed his assault rifle and covered for them as they made a run for it. Soon, they were all behind the wall, safe from the governor's line of fire. "Where's Judith? Beth?", Rick asked. Daryl lowered his head. Rick and Maggie burst into tears. Carl lowered his head, enough for his sight to be hidden from his cowboy hat. Tears were seen coming from his eyes. "Go", Daryl said. "I 'll buy you some time and then come find you". "Don't wait for me, I can track you". Rick nodded. "It's not your fault", he said between his tears. "Appreciate it man, thanks", Daryl said. The group started leaving, while Daryl stayed behind to buy them more time. "Find Carol", Daryl said, as if he knew Rick had left her behind.

Michonne found her sword on the ground, next to Hershel's decapitated body. The image of her asking if he wants a ride came back in her mind. "You should have gone to rest, old man", she said sobbing. A few yards ahead, Hershel's head had reanimated and his mouth moved, eager to find some flesh to bite. Michonne stuck her sword at the sode of his skul, putting him to rest once and for all. Then she looked up, only to see the fences down and a tank standing in the middle of the prison yard. Lilly was shocked by what she saw. She recognised Hershel's body, a man she thought was kind and good from the moment she saw him. And now he was decapitated. "Noo", she shouted when she saw Tara shot in the head, lying dead on the ground. Michonne ran to her side, and disposed of two walkers that approached the crying woman. "Your people did this", lilly yelled. "Shut up and let's go find your daughter", michonne said. The bullet came out from the other side. No way someone from over there could have done this. Your sister was short from short range". Lilly got angry at herself. "sorry, I 'm sorry for everything", She said and stood up. Megan was her priority now. Michonne wanted to say it was ok, but she couldn't. Hershel was dead, and who knew who else. She couldn't just forgive a woman who attacked them. The two women ran in the woods. Soon they reached the camp where Lilly's group was. it was already overran, and tens of walkers feasted on the corpses of the slain humans. "Megan", Lilly shouted. "Ssshhh", Michonne interrupted. "They will be all over us". "mom", a voice was heard from colse there. "Megan", Lilly shouted even louder. Megan then emerged from under a slain walker. "A man put me under there. Said if I was silent the monsters wouldn't see me", she said. Lilly hugged Megan. "I'm sorry I left you", she said in tears. "how are you?", she asked. "Still sick", Megan said. A car door was heard closing that moment. Michonne was in the driver's seat and started the engine. "I got you to your daughter, you saved your family, now I gotta save mine", she said. "There is medicine inside the prison for the illness your daughter has. Without them, she will die. We lost many of our own", she added. "Thank you", Lilly said, and Michonne drove off. "Let's get us back to that prison and make you well", lilly said.

Back in the prison, Daryl as the only one left to hold back the governor. "Get to that wall", the governor instructed his soldier. he got out of his cover, but Daryl came out too and shot him in the chest. The governor however, managed to take a shot at Daryl, shooting him in the knee. Daryl fell on the ground and the Governor pointed his gun at him. When he went close, he kicked the crossbow away and pointed his gun at Daryl again. "Who knew that I get to kill two brothers myself?", the governor said laughing. "Screw you", Daryl said, moments before the governor shot him one last time.

Then, he proceeded and put down the man Daryl shot, who was still alive. Then he noticed the herd of walkers coming towards the prison. "Megan", he yelled and started running back to the camp.

Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Tyrrese, Sasha, lizzie, Mika and Luke continued running at the back of the prison yard. Suddenly, a truck stopped in front of them. The window was lowered and Michonne was seen inside. "Get inside", she said. Tyreese got in the front seat, after helping put Rick and Sasha in the back. After they all gotin, they drove out of the prison, leaving it behind for the last time.

While running, Philip saw the car leaving the prison from far away. looking through the scope, he saw Rick and Michonne. He then continued running, wanting to save Megan from the attacking walkers. A while down the orad, he saw Lilly and megan coming out of the woods. lilly saw him too and raised her pistol towards him. "Stay away", she said. "I just want to protect you", Philip said. "I want t protect Megan". "Go now and i won't kill you", lilly said with a trembling voice. "You won't. We are down in this together. We are family", Philip said as a tear came down his only eye. "You are insane", she said. "That woman helped me find Megan. You said she was bad. And that old man. You...", she said as tears came to her eyes. "You are a monster". "No, don't say that", Philip shouted. "all i did was for Megan". "Did you also kill Tara for Megan?", Lilly asked angrily. Philip was caught by surprise. "Oh my god you did", Lilly said and pulled the trigger. But there were no more bullets inside. The gun was empty. Lilly had used them all when she and megan ran to the prison. "Megan, run honey", Lilly said as she charged to the Governor. She grabbed him from the foot and threw him down. "No", Philip said as he watched Megan running among the walkers. Suddenly a walker caught Megan's hair and bit on her neck. Megan shouted for a moment, before falling down unconsious. Three more walkers came over her. Philip and Lilly were both lost for words. "No", lilly sudenly let out, as her grip on the governor was loosened. "You stupid bitch", Philip said as he flipped her over and placed his hands around her neck. He then started choking her, as Lilly gasped for air. A few minutes later, Lilly stopped fighting back. Philip stops crying, as walkers surround him from every side. He gets up, takes Lilly's knife, and runs towards the prison. Until he reaches it, he is covered in walker blood, so much that in the end the dead won't even attack him. He reaches the prison front door, and gets inside the cell block where he sent martinez and Shumpert. He lights his torch, only to see Shumpert with a hole in his head, and walker Martinez feeding on Beth's corpse. He takes his knife out and stabs martinez in the head. Having lost everything, he goes out and sits by the main entrance. "I may have lost everything, but the prison is mine", he says as walkers are attracted to him. he then takes off his bloodied coat, and the walkers around him smell him for a human. He then opens his hands and surrneders to the walkers. Among the walkers, Daryl is seen walking towards Philip. The prison is then seen for the last time, as the group drives further and further away.


  • Hershel
  • Beth
  • Judith
  • Daryl
  • Bob
  • Philip
  • Martinez
  • Shumpert
  • Tara
  • Lilly
  • Megan
  • Numerous soldiers from Philip's group

I'd like to hear your thoughts if you read even some of it. Positive and negative feedback is welcome. Please don't comment on how well I write (I know I don't write well :D) or if these things are going to happen (I know they don't). I just thought I should share this with you

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