Well, first of all, let's welcome these two characters in the redshirt category!!

What, do you disagree? Weren't they redshirts? Well let's see.

Martinez was the worst character when it comes to his development. The only thing we know about him is that he had a family before all this, other than that he is just the tough right hand man, the one who takes orders and fills the numbers for fighting capable people in woodbury. The only good scene he had was when he talked to Daryl during the meeting Rick had with the Governor. Other than that, one dimensional is the word that best describes him.  Moreover, his role in this season was pointless. He could just have been another redshirt the governor killed to assume leadership. Why should he be in charge of the new group? Make a new character leader, and make Martinez stand once more by the governor's side as they overthrow him. That way, his loyalty and friendship towards the governor would be something that would make his character better.

Shumpert. Not much to say about this one. Crossbow muscle at the gates. His role this season was slightly smaller than season 3. We 've talked about him in this wiki more than the writers have talked about him. Need i mention his name was known to us from the credits? Need I say his actor was used as an extra in the Vatos? Well, he can be used again as an extra to the saviors with ease. Except for some people in this wiki, no one will remember him. How could he be better? For once, give him something unique to show his character. I 'd say make him mute. Introduce him by having martinez say "This silent beef over here is Shumpert. He may not talk much, but when it comes to zombies, you can count on him. Too bad I 'm the only one around who knows sign language" (yeah if Martinez knew sign language he would also be more likeable). And when he died, Martinez could have said "he tried to yell as the walkers devoured him, he aved his hands as he was getting surrounded, but I didn't notice until it was too late".  These little details make the characters liekable, and the tv series lacks these things. Anyway, can we forget about them now?

About the latest episodes:

I am one of the people who didn't like the governor episodes for many reasons. First of all, all that happened in these two episodes could have been summed up in twenty minutes and still be the same. i wouldn't feel the relationship between the governor and Meghan more, I wouldn't like the new characters more. Not to mention they are stupid. In the comics, (i know i m one of the guys who compare the series to the comic a lot) the Governor manipulated the woodbury folks into believing they killed Martinez, Dr Stevens, Alice etc. They also believed the governor didn't deserve what Michonne did to him. In the series, Philip says "they got walls and supplies", and the others respond "ok, let's kill them and take it for our own".

About the mid-season. More than anything, I want it to be realistic. If all woodburians die, and in a magic way Rick's group all make it (despite being in the first line of fire), I 'm going to be pissed. At least 3-4 protagonists need to die. If they get away with this by killing woodburians or Tyreese, I will lose faith in Gimple too. If the assault is going to be realistc, it would be great even if they didn't show us at all what the governor did.

Well, that's all for now, post your comments on anything. Also, check my ideal prison assault if you want, as i posted it a few days ago, and tell me what you think about that too