The preview for the next chapter is out!!! It's not much, but it gives us a lot of space for speculation. The preview is here:

So, let's go with the speculation.

First Panel:

Looks like Negan's presence isn't going to be so subtle, but I still think for the moment he will play an important role at poisoning Carl's mind

Second Panel:

Carl is all serious, holding a knife and he must be leaning down to see a person. Let me connect the dots here. Carl is a teenager, flowing with hormones. He doesn't think so clearly. Carl has been talking to Negan. There 's no telling how he will be influenced by him, given the fact that Rick is a bit absent from his life.Also, he shows interest in a girl, and would do anything to get her attention. He would also hate someone if, let's say, they made fun of his missing eye in front of her. Do you see where I'm going with this? I think someone made fun of Carl in front of the girl who showed him and Mikey her boobs, and he will take his eye out to get back at him. Given the reasons I mentioned above, Carl could go that far. This opens a great deal fo storylines for the future. Rick would do anything to protect him, the people of Alexandria would definitely back him up, and a new Ricktatorship could emerge, where Rick and his family are practically above the law and punishment. 

Third Panel:

So, from Magna's point of view, imagine you find a community. Then imagine the leader's wife (or girlfriend) is unlikable and asks too many questions (seems so in the panel). Imagine also that the leader's son takes another kid's eye out with a knife, and gets away with it because his father s the leader and has strong connections with three other communities. Maybe only Mikey pays for it despite he didn't hold the knife. Would you think of them as good people? I wouldn't. Especially if I found out they had a prisoner in the basement. 


Thanks for reading guys!! I know probably nothing of this is going to happen, but let's be honest, it would be awesome if it happened. Share your predictions in the comments below!!