Well, as you see in the title there are spoilers from issue 117, although technically they aren't spoilers since the issue has been released.

That said, let's get to the point. After Holly was taken in by Negan, she was tied up and thrown in a dungeon. There, the guard Negan assigned to watch over her attempted to rape her. Before he could do it though, Negan came in and stopped him, before driving his knife through his neck, killing him.

This blog is mostly about what felt off about this scene (and not only, there is one more small complaint)

Now, what felt off to me abouut that scene. First of all, Negan randomly showing up, when he had lots of other business to do (check the zombies right outside his door). Why did Negan just go in the cell? He didn't do anything there, nor did he say anything to Holly. Secondly, there is a fucked fuckedy war out there (to quote Negan's words), so he is going to need all the men he can get. I don't think murder was necessary, considering the savior didn't even rape Holly.

How I think things should happen:

1) The savior should rape Holly. Ok, don't get me wrong, I despise this kind of thing, I really do, but this would help Holly's character development, she would be scarred for life like most (if not all) of our protagionists are, and she would jump right on the main protagonists' team. This would also develop her relationship with Michonne, as she would most definitely try to help her get over this, and the walking dead would be an even greater comic by touching such subjects, as how does someone come back from being raped. 

2)If the savior had raped Holly, negan could have heard her shouting, and that would justify why he got in the room. Also, then the murder would be totally justified. Not to mention that if Negan wants to show Negan's good side, showing him personally take care of Holly after brutally killing her rapist, well that would get to me at least.

3) It's he post apocalypse. No matter how gruesome and disgusting it is, there are bound to be more than ones  rapes. So far only one has happened (michonne), while two have been averted (Carl and Holly). Of course I do not want to see any rapes, especially a young boy's (Carl), but this with Holly could have been made off screen (of course).

The second thing I want to disscuss, is about Rick's decision to not leave any snipers behind. Imagine thhe Saviors inside their base, and 4-5 snipers outside ready to take them out, should they try to get out to clear the yard, or kill them when they approach the windows. The saviors would be totally unable to escape, and it would make it possible for them to starve in there. Of course, they would remain in there for far more  than a day, and they would buy Rick more than enough time to clear the outposts.

That's all for Issue 117, what do you think on what I said?