Ok,I know the Governor is a bad guy.He uses people,he kills people in order to keep his position of power,he lies to them all the time and in the end we even saw him terrorizing them in order to control them and turn them against rick's group.

But rick's group didn't know any of that.They only saw Michonne outside their fences who told them that the governor was bad and he captured Glenn and Maggie.And they just believed her,not caring at alla about starting a war with a community of 70 humans.I mean,what if michonne was hostile and used them?How could they know?They just stormed the place and killed anyone they saw in front of them.Why didn't they try a different approach?Why didn't they send one of their own guys in Woodbury,Daryl for example.He would say he is alone and investigate the area. Instead they just started killing off everyone.

Also,why did Michonne go inside the governor's house?Let him be woman.Killing him or harming him in any way would start a feud with the woodbury citizens,something that clearly happened already.Michonne had no reason to leave the rest and chase the governor.no reason at  all.This was out of the blue,and I think it  only happened to satisfy comic readers.So yeah,our group is no better than woodbury or anyone else for that matter.At least not in my eyes.

Another complain I have.Is it just me or is Kirkman a racist?No more than two black men at the group.Just so unrealistic to kill T-dog as soon as they found Oscar,and kill Oscar as soon as they found Tyreese.I guess Tyreese's sister will also bite  it in a couple of episodes.So yeah,keeping top two black men sounds pretty racist to me.

Third and last.Still again,none found out that Andrea is in woodbury.Michonne just couldn't tell them.And yeah,how convenient ws it that Andrea saw only Oscar running.Come on writers you can do better than this.

Overall,no surprises in this one.When the spoilers came out,we knew exactly what was going to happen.Governor blinded,Penny dead,everyone but Daryl escapes,Oscar dies,Governor wants to kill Daryl and Merle,Andrea doesn't leave with the rest,Allen's wife dies.No surprises at all....