Hello everyone!!

I am very excited to share this idea with you, I have wanted to make this blog for quite a while, but never found the time to do so. 

We all know Mazarra, and I guess we hope we never did. The ruiner of season 3 and the prison arc, the senseless killer of characters full of potential, the showrunner of cheap plots who never payed any attention to details and realisticness. Mazarra was fired at the end of season 3 (thank god) and Scot Gimple succeded him. If you know me, i usually have some complains, minor ones mostly, but to be honest Scott has done an amazing job, given the mess he had to clean up, and really brought the walking dead back to its old glory. He even delivered an excellent prison assault and many emotional moments. Not to mention that he is a big fan of the comics and follows the story closer.


Now, let's get to the point. Imagine you are in Scott Gimple's shoes, aand AMC gives you some big fat dollars to clean up his mess and mmake the walking dead as awesome as possible. What would you do? Would you reboot season 3? Would you keep the story as it is (as it was by the end of season 3) and start from there? What other storylines would you include? Which characters would you develop more/less?

Of coourse, you can choose ideas from those Gimple has already done. For example, you can say that you would introduce Lizzie and Mika (if you like them). 

What I would have done

As I said, scott gimple has done an amazing job. However, there are some things I might have done differently, for better or worse. So let's go:

  1. I would bring back more unknown-fated woodburians, like Noah, Dr stevens and Mrs McLeod. I would develop them all more, and introduce even more new ones (Bob, Lizzie and Mika are awesome). The elders (Hershel, Mrs McLeod, Jeanette, a couple others and maybe Carol too) would have formed a council and would make decisions.
  2. I'd give Beth a boyfriend. Zack was good, and I wouldn't kill him that often. Maybe I would have one of the elders catch them having sex and Maggie would yell at them without telling Hershel. That would develop them more.
  3. The sickness was great, and I would have more of these people get sick (like Beth's boyfriend, but he would survive). It would last one episode less though.
  4. I'd show the governor in every episode for a while, because it was too tiring to have two episodes of only him.
  5. Lilly would be closer to her comic counterpart and wouldn't die. Tara would be introduced too, she is awesome.  Lilly would flee the prison and wouldn't find anyone after that. It would be realistic that some survivors will never meet the others.
  6. In tribute to the prison inmates who died for no reason (Axel, Big Timy, thomas), I would have the group find some escaped inmates who had escaped the prison when the apocalypse hit. It would be realistic for them to stick around there, and some cool storylines could come from there (like the murderer from the comics). Of course a few of them would be cool guys and would stick around for the prison assault.
  7. I'd push the prison assault 2-3 episodes back. Internment (the episode where hershel fights the walkers and the infection) was great, and could easily be a mid-season finale. The prison assault  would take place in episode 11, so there would be more time to develop all these characters. 
  8. The prison assault. There would be more deaths. That's for sure. I'd kill Hershel (same as it happened), Daryl, Beth's boyfriend, all the elders (maybe have the bus blown up, some of them could run out of it while set on fire. I now, not realistic, but cool), Noah, Dr Stevens (Alice style), the prison inmates found in the wild (see point 6), a few children (like Luke and Molly, implied but not seen). Of course the governor too and many of his men, but not all of them, like the comics. The prison survivors would gather all the elders and children in the bus to evacuate and Rick would make Carl and Judith go too. All the others would stay and fight. Daryl, Noah, Dr Stevens and the prison inmates would die there. The bus would take off, but it would be shot by the tank and blown up. The elders and children would die there, but Carl would have left to fight by Rick's side (makes sense). Lizzie and Mika too, they would save Tyreese like they did now.
  9. After the prison assault, they would be split like they are now, but that would last for fewer episodes. The Ben-Billy storyline (lizzie Mika anyway) would happen after the group is united, and Carl would be the one to kill Lizzie, like the comics (I think this was crucial to his development in the comics). The hunters would last two episodes instead of one, as it seems they will last one now. The season would end with Abraham arriving and tell them he is looking for a strong group to help him reach DC. 


More or less, that's what I would have done. What do you think? What would you have done? I am looking forward to listening to your ideas!!