Ok, you saw the title. This is  a blog to complain about things we don't like in the comic. In my opinion, the comic is superior to the tv series, but of course it doesn't come without its faults as well. So, i am happy to present you this blog, which I don't think anyone has ever done before. Let's get started then!!

1) Ok, I know the comic gives Kirkman a lot more freedom to do whatever in hell he wants, unlike the series (where other factors come into play), so it is logical that story-wise the comic has more quality. There are some things that were done in the show better though. One of them is hershel. In the comic, he is a stubborn country-family-religion kind of man who gets very inhuman when it comes to strangers. Only in the end does he change, but he gives up after seeing his family dead. On the  show on the other hand, he also has some beliefs, but these contribute to make him a great character. His love for his family doesn't make him close up to them, but it makes him support the group so that his family has a better chance. Another character I like more is Rick. I don't know, maybe it's Lincoln's talent that makes me like him, but usually in every series or book, I like other characters more than the protagonists. This applies too in the walking dead, but about comic Rick I don't give a crap, while tv rick i like very much

2)Comic Carl. Another thing I don't like about the comic. While I like his character and what he has become, comic Carl is the comic Daryl in my opinion. He was shot by otis, shot by Douglas and had his eye popped out, got thrown ahead by a grenade and still survived. Not to mention breaking in Negan's base and then coming back safe because negan was in the mood. Although I do understand the thinking behind all this, I still think that if it was another character, he/she would come back as a walker with a bag over his/her head. Also, Comic Carl is unrealistic in my opinion. He is what? Ten? He was eight when things went to hell, and he learned to use a gun, shoot corpses that walk and bite, shoot another child at his age who didn't know the difference between life and death (that's what children at his age are like). I have a cousin who is eight, and he is literally scared to death to even look in a dark room. I know this is a phobia, and not everyone has it, but children 8 years old would be frozen to death if they saw rotting dead walking the earth. Also Carl is very mature for his age. Too mature

3) Trolling. Ok, I know Kirkman is the master troll of the universe, but this is starting to make me tired. Negan tells Carl "You don't believe what I'll do to you", only to return him unharmed. In issue 121, the description says "In the aftermath of the unthinkable", where nothing unthinkable ever happens. Don't get me wrong, the destruction of the safezone and the deaths of so many characters was something exciting and certainly immpacted the group way too much, but it was the first thing we all thought, certainly not something unthinkable. I can go on with Kirkman's trolling, but you get what I mean.

4) Unnecessary character deaths just for shock. Ok, they are not too many to be honest, and of course the majority of the characters get great deaths, and as the whole plot, the deaths are way better than the series, but there are those cases where some deahs were unnecessary. We can all agree with Abraham's death being the most pointless. Bring Rosita on the supply trip and have her killed instead of Abe. Thaat would be a good death for such a useless scene. Abraham taking part in the war would open so many doors for development and new plotlines. Having him die in the war would be also cool, as the group would have lost the man with the strategies and things would be worse for them. Abe could be behind Carl when the grenades hit, have him killed and Carl sustain some burns. That would be a more shocking death, at a very better timing, and would be realistic for Carl to have the injuries he has now. The second death is that of Spencer. I loved the memes about this character, and he could die in the war, not some heroic death, but a background one that nobody cares about him. Negan could beat him and hang him upside down at the gates instead of gut him. And then leave Rick to take him down when he arrived. I believe that would be more fitting.The other death is Morgan. Douglas died when the walkers broke in Alexandria, so I don't think we needed another major death. His hand could have been successfully amputated and he could survive as a background character, maybe even have him struggle to find confidence to continue his relationship with Michonne now that he has one less hand. That would give Michonne some story too. But Michonne had to hook up with Ezekiel, so Morgan had to go. This could become a perfect "love triangle", and have morgan feel like Dale felt with Andrea and Tyreese. Morgan could also die in the war, I feel it was a more fitting time for him to go.

5) And last one. DON'T HAVE MICHONNE HOOK UP WITH EVERY BLACK CHARACTER. Seriously, this is getting annoying. Most of us don't care about interracial relationships, and Glenn-Maggie, Heath-Denise were two of my favorite couples. I'm not saying every relationship should be interracial just for the sake of anti-racism, but have a character hit on every black man she finds (even two currently in a relationship) doesn'tseem nice.The next step will be for Michonne to make a move with Gabriel. That would be funny. Gabriel would get more pussy than Spencer. I'd love to see that meme.

Guys, if you read this whole thing, I salute you. Just to point out, that I love the comic and it is maybe the best comic I have ever read. So don't think that I dislike the comic just  for what I say above. These are just the points I don't like.

Now, whether you agree, disagree or anything else, I'd sure like to find out. Do yu like the parts i dislike? Do you dislike them too? Is there anything else you dislike or like? Hit up with a comment and let us know!!