Ok, I 've been thinking about this for a while, and in Season 3 there have been some weak spots when it comes to writing. Surely the season had its moments, but overall I 'd consider it weak. Anyway, I think there are some moments when the writing was poor . Here we go:

1) Lori's ghost. Seriously now. Do you know anyone who has been seeing his dead loved ones like this? I haven't. It's different to say he thought he saw her for a moment and another to keep staring at her and her not going a way.

2)Rick not wanting new people. I get that the prisoners (Andrew) was the reason lori and T-Dog died. But then he kept Axel and Oscar around. And they were prisoners. If i were him, I'd look out for them more than I would for Tyreese's group and Michonne. besides, Tyreese's group was easy to tell that wasn't threatening, and they proved that by not attacking while Rick was away (note that Rick didn't know of Allen and Ben's plan to kill them). In the end, what was Rick hoping for? Keep a group of ten people until they all die happily when they get old? You need a biger group man. Ten people aren't going to survive by themselves.

3) Badly written (if written at all) prisoners. I'm talking about Axel and Oscar here. They were two characters with a lot of potential. Instead, they turned out to be meat. Expendables.

4)Andrea's stay in woodbury. I can talk all night long about how awfully Andrea was written, but I 'm only going to talk about her staying in woodbury. We waited half a season for her to find out Rick's group was still alive. And when she did, she forgave the governor even when he admitted having lied to her abut knowing (!!!!). I mean come on, she could do better than that. And when they went to find Glenn and Maggie, she only saw Oscar (convenient, the only one she hadn't met). when she did find out they were alive, she still didn't join them, but chose woodbury as her new home.

5) Slow pointless scenes. I mean, come on. Did we really need to see two minutes of Andrea trying to catch the tool Milton gave her with her toes? Or one whole minute of Rick looking through the binoculars only to see Lori's ghost? Things could have happened faster. Every scene could have gone faster. Seemed to me they didn't have anything else to show.

6)Shupert. He literally hasn't said a thing. This is not a character, he is meat. he will die at some point and if this goes on, we won't know what the hell this character is. What also annoys me is how much people like him. We haven't even met him yet. How can you like a guy who only carries a gun and has only said once "Martinez, we got biters"

7)Martinez. Wasn't it out of character when he followed the governor? I mean, he had a family before the apocalypse. The governor killed innocent people there, maybe someone else's child. I think according to his character he should be disgusted by Philip and try to shoot him. We haven't seen why he would be so loyal, and he can't hate the prison group as much as the governor. He even talked to Daryl and got to like him (seemed so at least)

8)Governor. Too hard to die. He could have died at least a couple times, and yet he didn't in any. He even massacred 20 people with guns without anyone shooting him.

9)Ben. They wasted a character with so much potential (losing both his parents and doing something insane perhaps?). Even so, htye didn'tt even bother show Allen's grief when he died. And in the next episode, he should be devastated, but didn't show anything like that.

Anyway, that's all I can think about. Comment on anything you agree or disagree and tell me what you thought was bad writing.

UPDATE: Maybe the most of all. Truly bad writing and unrealistic. Lori being devoured whole by the walker. Really?? I mean, REALLY??? He even ate the skyll?? He ate all her bones??? Even if it was a group of walkers, that couldn't have been possible!!